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The Duraband Complete Cricket Trainer
List Price: US$ 79.99
Our Price: US$ 69.95
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A cricket trainer for batsman, bowlers and fielding practice, designed by international coaches.
  • Discover the world's best complete cricket trainer using interchangeable resistance bands. Designed by international coaches and players.

  • Features
  • The new DURABAND is now available to have you improving your batting, bowling and fielding - fast. With a range of simple but highly effective exercises and drills, you'll be developing your skill levels to new heights.

  • In just 15 minutes a day, you'll notice a dramatic improvement with regular use of the DURABAND. Not only that but your DURABAND doubles up as an amazing home gym, too. So now you can start developing the correct muscle groups you need to play cricket immediately.
  • And because DURABAND is designed by experts in their field it has been specially adapted for cricketers from beginner right up to first-class level. That's why you'll love it.
  • If you can find just 15 minutes a day the DURABAND can help you with:
    • BATSMEN - increase your hand speed through the ball to hit the ball sweeter than ever.
    • BOWLERS - accelerate your arm speed so you bowl faster and with better control.
    • FIELDERS - improve your throwing arm to become accurate and stronger.
  • The DURABAND will have you engaging the correct muscles you need to use in the perfect technique. This is done by fully interchangeable resistance bands that you alter as you get stronger and more efficient in your cricket. A simple snap into place of the D-ring and the DURABAND will have you playing shots better, developing arm, wrist and shoulder strength, plus understanding the perfect sequencing of your movement.

  • DURABAND is therefore designed to help take your game forward without the need of others to train with. This is thanks to the amazing DURABAND system that allows for changes in resistance bands you can use indoors or out.
  • Unlike other thin resistance bands that have no handles, grip or attachments, DURABAND comes with attachments including a specialised batting handle called a DURABATT and a DURABAND Cricket Ball. This means you can get your resistance training while functionally going through your exact bowling and batting movements and practice anywhere, at any time. The DURABAND training system uses thick resistance bands that are just one inch wide. The benefit of this is the layered technology in making these bands helps them to be stronger, more durable and resistant to tears, ripping and pin holes. In other words, your DURABAND is designed to last.
  • DURABAND is something you can take with you anywhere, allows you to practice at any time and should become a vital part of your cricket development - whatever level you currently play at. What could be better than that?


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