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Siddhi Vinayaka - The animated film about Lord Ganesha. NTSC USA+Canada Region DVD.
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The Animated film SIDDHI VINAYAKA depicts the divine story of Lord Vighneswara who occupies the pride of place in the Hindu mythology. Adored and worshipped as Ganesha, Vinayaka, Vighneswara etc., He bestows universal knowledge, wisdom, wealth and alround prosperity on the devotees.

He is offered inaugural worship at the commencement of all auspicious celerations. He blesses the noble by removing obstacles in their way and punishes the wicked by creating hurdles.

English Animated feature film Duration: 45 minutes - NTSC-Region Free (works in North American DVD Players)

NOTE: We offer a discount on this DVD if you order 8 or more. Please call 1-877-HIT-A-SIX for pricing details.

There are varied versions of the story of Ganesha but the animated film is largely based on Shiva Purana. His creation by divine Mother Parvathy; his heroic death at the hands of his own father, Lord Shiva, in a fierce battle; his re-birth with the head of an elephant; all these go to make a fascinating story, especially for children.

The Moon God who makes fun of the uncommon figure of Ganesha comes under the curse of the Lord. Devotees are forbidden from beholding the Moon on GaneshaChaturthu the Lord's Birthday.

To mitigate the evil effects of witnessing the Moon on the Festival Day, devotees recite 'Shamantopakhyana' which is again full of fun.


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