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 World Cup Tsunami 2007 Challenge

 : Australia, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka & West Indies

 : Bangladesh,  Bermuda,  Canada, Kenya, Netherlands, Scotland & Zimbabwe

# Date Stage Team 1   Team 2 Venue
Trading Period ends prior to start of Match #1
1 Mar-13 Group D West Indies v Pakistan Jamaica
2 Mar-14 Group A Australia v Scotland St. Kitts & Nevis
3 Mar-14 Group C Kenya v Canada Saint Lucia
4 Mar-15 Group B Sri Lanka v Bermuda Trinidad & Tobago
5 Mar-15 Group D Zimbabwe v Ireland Jamaica
6 Mar-16 Group A South Africa v The Netherlands St. Kitts & Nevis
7 Mar-16 Group C England v New Zealand Saint Lucia
8 Mar-17 Group B India v Bangladesh Trinidad & Tobago
9 Mar-17 Group D Pakistan v Ireland Jamaica
10 Mar-18 Group A Australia v The Netherlands St. Kitts & Nevis
11 Mar-18 Group C England v Canada Saint Lucia
12 Mar-19 Group B India v Bermuda Trinidad & Tobago
13 Mar-19 Group D West Indies v Zimbabwe Jamaica
14 Mar-20 Group A South Africa v Scotland St. Kitts & Nevis
15 Mar-20 Group C New Zealand v Kenya Saint Lucia
16 Mar-21 Group B Sri Lanka v Bangladeshg Trinidad & Tobago
17 Mar-21 Group D Zimbabwe v Pakistan Jamaica
18 Mar-22 Group A Scotland v The Netherlands St. Kitts & Nevis
19 Mar-22 Group C New Zealand v Canada Saint Lucia
20 Mar-23 Group B India v Sri Lanka Trinidad & Tobago
21 Mar-23 Group D West Indies v Ireland Jamaica
22 Mar-24 Group A Australia v South Africa St. Kitts & Nevis
23 Mar-24 Group C England v Kenya Saint Lucia
24 Mar-25 Group B Bermuda v Bangladesh Trinidad & Tobago
25 Mar-27 Super 8 A1 v D2 Antigua & Barbuda
26 Mar-28 Super 8 A2 v B1 Barbados
27 Mar-29 Super 8 C1 v D2 Antigua & Barbuda
28 Mar-20 Super 8 C2 v D1 Barbados
29 Mar-31 Super 8 A1 v B2 Antigua & Barbuda
30 Apr-01 Super 8 B1 v D2 Barbados
31 Apr-02 Super 8 B2 v C1 Antigua & Barbuda
32 Apr-03 Super 8 A2 v D1 Barbados
33 Apr-04 Super 8 B1 v C2 Antigua & Barbuda
34 Apr-07 Super 8 A2 v B2 Barbados
35 Apr-08 Super 8 A1 v C2 Antigua & Barbuda
36 Apr-09 Super 8 C1 v D1 Barbados
37 Apr-10 Super 8 A2 v D2 Grenada
38 Apr-11 Super 8 B2 v C2 Barbados
39 Apr-12 Super 8 B1 v C1 Grenada
40 Apr-13 Super 8 A1 v D1 Barbados
41 Apr-14 Super 8 A2 v C1 Grenada
42 Apr-15 Super 8 B2 v D1 Barbados
43 Apr-16 Super 8 A1 v B1 Grenada
44 Apr-17 Super 8 A2 v C2 Barbados
45 Apr-18 Super 8 B1 v D1 Grenada
46 Apr-19 Super 8 B2 v D2 Barbados
47 Apr-20 Super 8 A1 v C1 Grenada
48 Apr-21 Super 8 C2 v D2 Barbados
49 Apr-24 Semi Final 1 Super 8  - 1st v Super 8  - 4th Jamaica
50 Apr-25 Semi Final 2 Super 8  - 2nd v Super 8  - 3rd Saint Lucia
51 Apr-28 Final SF1 v SF2 Barbados
Tournament End