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Carlton ODI Series News Archive

2nd Final Recap - February 9, 2001
Team VANDY held on to win the Carlton Fantasy Series final by $45 over a surging STEVE WARRIORS 2.

THONGS BOY also moved up 2 places to finish in the winners circle with a lead of $4 over former 2nd place team UCC.

With Volatility being very high, we had a frantic last day of the competition with many team switching ranks. Overnight 2nd & 3rd place team, PUNTERNUMBER1 & UCC droped out of the winners circle.

Team OZ moved up 5 places to jump in to the consolation round to place 15th.

Australian team had gained $962 for their performance, while the West Indiean team gained $596. For the tournament, Australian Index returned 5.48%, followed by West Indies at 4.65% and Zimbabwe at 4.34%.

Congrtulations to all the winners

February 9, 2001
It's the Aussies again! And this time behind Mark Waugh, who blasted the West Indian attack in all directions to score 173, runs off 148 balls to help Australia win the series.

Waugh earned an unprecedented $373 (22.28%) for his best one-day batting performance, 17 runs short of world record set by Pakistan's Saeed Anwar.

West Indian Marlon Samuels attempted to break out of the losing rut with his all-round performance, but it was not an easy task especially without the team support. Samuels earned $173 to finish the series with a gain of 95.6%.

Shane Warne took four wickets to gain $140 (9.35%).

Ian Harvey was the only player to be on the negative side losing $8. Brian Lara scored a duck with losing $10, but made up by taking a catch to remain with positive gain.

1st Final Recap - February 7, 2001
After the 1st finals, team "VANDY" has managed to increase the lead to $134 over 2nd place "UCC" who has a very slim lead of $7 over 3rd place team. STEVE WARRIORS 2 has jumped into the winners circle with a $39 lead over 4th place PUNTERNUMBER1.

With another close finish expected, team VANDY is hoping for quick finish in the finals, where by the other dream team captains are hoping the finals goes to a decisive 3rd game.

February 7, 2001
Ridley Jacobs continued his amazing performance behind the stumps taking five catches to become the highest gainer of the day gaining $240 (17.69%).

Australian counter part Adam Gilchrist was no slouch behind the wicket either; he took three catches and scored 44 runs to move up by $164 (869%).

Jacobs and Gilchrist have gained more than 100% for the tournament. Ian Harvey turned in a good all-round performance to move up by $87 (8.79%) with two wickets and adding 47 runs to the board.

There were no negative movers in the first final of the series.

Final trading Dealine
The Carlton series is in the Finals Stages and so is our Fantasy Tournament.

The top team is "VANDY" who has returned 56.64%, closely followed by "UCC' with a 56.2%. Ahead by a $1 @3rd spot is "PUNTERNUMBER1" AT 54.84%.

Only $478 separates the 1st and the 15th spot. With the Finals and the trading trading deadline hours away, it comes down to questions like who will play? and who will perform in Sydney & Melbourne?

Is Australia going to sweep the series? Will both team maintain the same XI for the Finals?

Winning the toss will be crucial for the dream team captains, as batting 2nd, many Australian might not even get a chance to pad up. This will be disaster for fantasy teams.

With Gilchrist's value at $1887, will he give you a better return on you investment than Jacobs, who is valued at $1357?

If you load your teams with Australians, then what happens if the Windies spring a surprise or two? Is that possible? Can Lara carry his team?

and also will the finals last 3 games??

With only few $$$ separating cash prizes from t-shirts, we are going down the wire.

it's decision time!

January 30, 2001
Opener Alistair Campbell gave Zimbabwe a dream start against host Australia, but the rest of the team failed to capitalize on the gain.

Man of the match, Campbell scored 124 runs to add $224 (21.58%) to his value.

The Waugh brothers had a good day with the bat as well. Mark remained unbeaten at 102 to earn $202 (14.21%) and his brother Steve scored 79 runs to add $104 (7.51%) to his value.

Bryan Strang and Damian Fleming were on the negative side today, each losing $10.

January 28, 2001
Australian wicket keeper Adam Gilchrist was the star performer in today's victory over the Zimbabwe.

Gilchrist gained $208 (12.61%) for his three-dismissal effort behind the stump and scoring 63 runs. Michael Bevan turned in a good all-round performance scoring 74 runs, a wicket and a catch to move up by $139 (13.53%). Zimbabwe's Dirk Viljoen moved up by $116 (14.72%).

Muleki Nkala and Nathan Bracken were on the negative side.

January 26, 2001
One more pitiful performance by the West Indians jeopardizes their chances of reaching the finals of the Carlton Series.

West Indian players earned the lowest total amount in a match in dreamcricket's history; the entire team gained just $38.

Bret Lee was the highest gainer of the day with $140 (12.17%) for taking four wickets. Damian Martyn and Darren Lehman were the only two batsmen to venture out to the field with the bat for the Australian team scoring 69 and 50 runs to gain $94 (8.57%) and $75 (6.30%).

January 25, 2001
West Indies avenged the loss against the Zimbabweans to remain in the contest to reach the finals.

Mahendra Nagamootoo was the star of the day scoring 22 runs and taking 4 wickets to move up by $182 (25.14%). Marlon Samuels contributed with 68 runs, a catch and wicket to move up by $133 (13.06%). Brian Lara was a strong performer today scoring 70 runs to gain $95 (7.12%).

Bryan Strang and Nkala had a good performance in match six, but could not continue that run today losing $20 off their value.

January 23, 2001
It seemed like there was a magnetic connection between Ridley Jacobs' glove and ball. Each time the ball nicked the batsmen's bat it landed safely in the hands of Jacobs's glove, helping him move up by $256 (26.58%).

Heat Streak masterminded the Zimbabwean victory with his all-round performance, scoring 45 runs and taking 4 wickets to move up by $185 (19.13%). Cameron Cuffy took 4 wickets to move up by (18.28%).

There were no negative movers for the day, however the worst performer of the day was Guy Wittall moving up by just $1.

January 21, 2001
Australia remains unbeaten with another classy performance to beat Zimbabwe by 8 wickets.

Daren Lehman led the way with a 92 runs and complete all round performance to earn $197 (21.44%). Gilchrist gained $119 (8.69%), while Grant Flower increased his value by 8.94% ($76) Other notable movers were Warne, up $60 (4.88%) and Pontng, up $93 (7.65%).

Ian Harvey blistered through the African batting line up to earn $160 for his 4 wicket haul and a catch. He was he highest gainer of the day with a 22.54% gain.

On the downside were Lee -$10 (-0.98%) and Viljoen -$3 (-0.40%)

Market Recap - January 18, 2001
After the First trading period, Mark Waugh is leading the way with a 30% gain, closely followed by Gilchrist at 27%, Powell up 26%, Symonds 25%, Lara 24%, Samuels 23%, Jacobs & Ponting at 22% & Flower up 21%.

On the downside were Stuart down -1%, while Black is down -3%

Some of the Blue Chips that haven't performed to analyst expectations are Steve Waugh (4%), McGarth (3%), Lee (2%) & Lehman (2%) who have returned poor earnings.

January 17, 2001
Lara finally came good with his bat to increase his earnings by 19.49%, but it was not enough to prevent Aussies from winning again.

This game was revised due to rain and Australia was declared winners under the D/L method. Most of the Blue Chips were volatile, with Lara gaining $216, Warne up $125(11.31%), Ponting $118 (10.75%) & Gilchrist up $120 (9.60%).

Though, Ponting was 7 runs short of increasing his stock by atleast 18.21%, his captains must be pleased with his average return of 22% for the tournament.

On the downside were McGarth (-0.84%) loosing -$10, while Stuart was down -1.17% and Black lost -1.69%

January 14, 2001
Mark Waugh led the way with an unbeaten century to see his value soar by 23.98% help Australia beat the Windies convincingly.

Gilchrist also had a busy day with a 19.39% ($203) gain, while Warne returning from injury helped increase his value by 10.5% ($105). It must have been disappointing for captains who have Gilchrist in their fantasy team, as 2 more runs would have catapulted his earnings to atleast $280.

Hinds was the only notable mover for the Windies with a gain of $79 (10.81%).

On the downside were Nagamootoo (-2.70%), Black (-1.67%) & Cambell (-1.26%).

Beavan and Lehman remained flat, while Lara, McGarth & Lee came in with earning below analyst expectations.

January 13, 2001
Inspite of a $243 gain from Flower and a $106 performance from Cambell, Zimbabwe couldn't stop Powell from powering the Windies to a thrilling victory with 1 wicket to spare and 8 balls remaining.

There were some all round performance, with McLean gaining $86 (11.32%), Samuels up $94 (11.03%) and Jacobs finishing up 10.32% ($84).

Lara gained only 3.91%, while Adams moved up only 1.62% were some of the blue chips which remained flat.

January 11, 2001
Fine all rounder performance from Andy Symonds was enough to rock Windies on their back foot in the Carlton opener.

Symonds earned $218 (24.91%) for his performance, while Ponting cashed in with a $118 (12.42%$) performance. Mark Waugh also chipped in with a quick fire $76 to see his value spike up by 7.79%.

Marlon Samuels has grown in stature, earning $102 to increase his value by 13.60% while newcomer Laurie Williams earned $66 (11%).

Making his debut after injury, Shane Warne failed to increase his value, as is stock remained flat.

January 8, 2001
Please note that there will only be 2 trading periods for this tournament. The first trading period will be inbetween the 4th & the 5th ODI. This gives an opportunity for you to add/modify your team accoridng to form. This period is critical as there will be no more trading untill the end of the group format, which is after the 13th match and before the start of the best of 3 finals.

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