Tales of Cricket - With Sushil Nadkarni, Usman Shuja and Sakhi Muhammad

2018-03-03 Space City Room, University of Houston, 4455 University Drive, Houston, TX 77204

If you happen to be in Houston on March 3rd, buy tickets to 'Tales of Cricket' at the Space City Room at the University of Houston.   The talk will focus on the experiences of three amazing individuals, who will walk you through their journeys in USA cricket.

The talk, which begins at 5pm, features the highly regarded and greatly respected cricketers Usman Shuja and Sushil Nadkarni whose contributions to the national team will be remembered for a long time.  Usman is the leading wicket taker for US in 50 over format.  Sushil is second best batsman for USA in 20 and 50 over cricket.  

Usman and Sushil will be joined by Sakhi Muhammad, who is the first person in the US to have built a cricket stadium with his own resources.  The Smart Choice Moosa Stadium in Houston is being built as a venue for international cricket.   

Tickets are $10-$35.

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