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On Sunday the 50 Overs super cup bowls off with a full program of four games as Eight out the 10 teams in the GASCL will participate in the 50/50. 2010 triple champions Vibes Sports Club are at home to Conrad Hunte.Tropical sports Club host Lawrenceville, UBACC meet MCC , ICC at home against CSC.Teams are slotted in two Zones. Zone 1 Tropical,ICC,CSC,Lawrenceville. Zone 2.Vibes,UBACC,MCC ,Conrad Hunte. The first and second in each group of 4 teams will now qualify for the semi -finals. Free hits for no ball foot faults and the introduction of power plays. The power plays will be made up of blocks of the first 10 overs and 5 overs each at the discretion of both sides. Restrictions are placed on the number of fieldsmen permitted outside the 30 yard circle in a power play.Two new balls will be used per inning.One ball use from each end.Games starts promptly at 11AM. RULES: GEORGIA SUPREME CRICKET LEAGUE ONE DAY (50-OVER) MATCH PLAYING CONDITIONS for 2011 The match will consist of one (1) innings per side, and each innings will be limited to fifty (50) six-ball overs. A minimum of twenty (20) overs per team shall constitute a match (unless either side is dismissed in less than twenty (20) overs, or the side batting second wins the match in less than twenty (20) overs). A team shall not be permitted to declare its innings closed. Each Captain shall hand to the umpires their list of 11 nominated players on the official match sheet prior to the toss taking place. . All 11 players must be registered with the Georgia Supreme Cricket League.. The captains shall toss for the choice of innings, on the field of play and in the presence of one or both of the umpires, not earlier than 30 minutes and not later than 15 minutes before the scheduled or any rescheduled time for the match to start. • As soon as the toss is completed or the toss is awarded, the captain of the side winning the toss shall immediately notify the opposing captain and the umpires of his decision to bat or field.Failure to notify immediately will result in the toss being awarded to the opposing team even if they are ineligible to participate in the toss. Once notified, the decision cannot be changed.. START AND CESSATION TIMES FOR 50 OVERS Team batting first: 11.00pm – 3:00pm 240 minutes Interval: 3:00pm –3:20pm 20 minutes Team batting second: 3:20pm – 7:20pm 240 minutes. In the event of a team failing to complete the overs in the allotted time, the full quota of overs will be completed, and the batting side will be credited with six (6) runs penalty. This will apply to both innings of the match. If the side batting second is credited with runs in this way and this consequently takes their score past that of the side batting first then the match shall be deemed to be won by the side batting second. All penalties in this regard will be imposed immediately the ball becomes dead after the scheduled or re-scheduled cessation time for the innings even if this time is during an over. However, the penalty runs will be considered to be awarded at the instant of the last delivery. If the innings is terminated before the scheduled or re-scheduled cut-off time, based on the re-scheduled cessation time for that innings, no penalty run shall apply. If the innings is interrupted, the over rate penalty will apply based on the re-scheduled cessation time for that inning) If the team fielding first fails to bowl the required number of overs by the scheduled or rescheduled time for cessation of the first session, play shall continue until the required number of overs has been bowled. The interval shall not be extended and the second session shall commence at the scheduled time. The team batting 2nd will still receive 50 overs even if they have been penalized for a slow over rate. The interval shall be taken at the conclusion of the first innings. If the team batting first is dismissed in less than fifty (50) overs, the team batting second shall be entitled to bat for fifty (50) overs except as provided above(interruption). (d) If the team fielding second fails to bowl fifty (50) overs or the number of overs by the scheduled cessation time, the hours of play shall be extended until the required number of overs has been bowled, or a result achieved. 5.2) DELAYED OR INTERRUPTED MATCHES DUE TO GROUND, WEATHER OR LIGHT. The object shall always be to rearrange the number of overs so that both teams have the opportunity of batting for the same number of overs. A team shall not be permitted to declare its innings closed. A Minimum of twenty (20) overs must be bowled to the side batting second to constitute a match subject to the provisions of Clause (A team winning before 20 overs bowled). The calculation of the number of overs to be bowled shall be based on an average rate of 12.5 six-ball overs per hour. Recalculation must not cause the match to be rescheduled to finish earlier than the original cessation time. This time may be extended to allow for one extra over for both teams to be added if required. (b) The team batting second shall not bat for a greater number of overs than the team batting first team unless the latter has been all out in less than the agreed number of overs. NUMBER OF OVERS PER BOWLER. No bowler shall bowl more than ten (10) overs in an innings. In a delayed or interrupted match where overs are reduced for both teams or the team bowling second, no bowler may bowl more than one-fifth of the total overs allowed (unless such number has been exceeded before the interruption). Free Hit after foot-fault no ball. a no ball called for a foot fault (Law 24.5) shall be a free hit for whichever batsman is facing it. If the delivery for the free hit is not a legitimate delivery (any kind of no ball or wide ball) then the next delivery will become a free hit for whichever batsman is facing it.. For any free hit, the striker can be dismissed only under the circumstances that apply for a no ball,even if the delivery for the free hit is called a wide ball. Field changes are not permitted for free hit deliveries unless there is a change of striker. The umpires will signal a free hit by (after the normal no ball signal) extending one arm straight upwards and moving it in a circular motion. EACH UMPIRE WILL BE GIVEN A BALL EACH FROM BOTH CLUBS (2 balls per match).GASCL introduces the use of two new balls, one from each end. Each umpire will control a ball and the bowlers bowling from the respective ends will use that ball.(Two balls per inning). If a ball is to be replaced, the umpire shall inform the batsmen. Either bowler or batsman may raise the matter with the umpires and the umpires’ decision as to a replacement or otherwise will be final. THE RESULT A result can be achieved only if both teams have had the opportunity of batting for at least twenty (20) overs, unless one team has been all out in less than twenty (20) overs or unless the team batting second scored enough runs to win in less than twenty (20) overs. If, due to suspension of play after the start of the match, , in which both teams have not had the opportunity of batting for a minimum of twenty (20)overs, the game shall be declared no result/draw. If the innings of the side batting second is suspended (with at least 20 overs bowled) and it is not possible for the match to be resumed, the match result will be decided by run-rate.. (a) Win 10 points. (b) Tie/draw 5 points (c) No result 5 points APPENDIX #1 1. At the instant of delivery, there may not be more than five (5) fielders on the leg side. 2. During the first block of Powerplay Overs (as set out below) only two fieldsmen shall be permitted outside this fielding restriction area at the instant of delivery. 3. During the Second and Third blocks of Powerplay Overs, only three (3) fieldsmen shall be permitted outside this fielding restriction area at the instant of delivery. 4. The Powerplay Overs shall apply for twenty (20) o