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Georgia Supreme Cricket League elects new executive body...

The GSCL held their Annual General Meeting last night,January 27, 2012. After end-of season reviews from the out going executives, and the league representatives , all Executive positions were declared vacant.Former president Conroy Reid did not seek re-election and Winfield Brome was elected as the New President. Mark "Sheriff"Baker was elected as Vice President; Sylvia Ricketts secretary; The following members were all elected unopposed:PRO Antonio Daure; Treasurer William Cole and Statical coordinator Glenn Atkins.There are four changes from the previous Executive.The President, Secretary,Vice President and PRO.The 2012 Executives express a desire to work harder to continue to uplift the standard of the the game and ensure better participation of clubs in league activities.They are looking forward to getting to work immediately to make this league bigger and better.