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    GASCL Twenty/20 Rules

  • 2015 T/20 rules - Download

  • GEORGIA SUPREME CRICKET LEAGUE T/20 RULES Except as varied here under, ICC T20 rules & MCC 2000, 2003 & 2008 laws shall apply. LEAGUE RULES 1. All players will wear colored uniforms (no shorts). Shirts should be ‘tucked in’. 2. The winner of each match will receive 10 points. Loser scores ‘0’. 3. Team lists (11 GASCL registered players), Pre-match & Toss rules per GASCL rules. The toss shall take place in the presence of at least one official umpire. Toss: 30 –15 minutes before scheduled or rescheduled start – min. 8 players’ ready to play & in view of the umpires. If one team is late, the toss is awarded to team which has 8 players’ ready 15 minutes. Before the start. The name of 1 GASCL registered 12th man may be on the team list & shall be dressed in team uniform. 4. New League-approved white balls will be allowed – (In case a ball gets lost, badly discolored or, it may be replaced with a limited used ball – Out of shape, soft, ball will not be allowed). All old balls will be kept with umpire after the game. 5. At scheduled or rescheduled start time, if one team is unable to field 8 players, their batting innings is reduced at rate of 1 over for every full 3 Minutes of delay. If late team is sent into bat, the fielding restrictions are reduced according to overs left, but bowlers are still allowed maximums for 20 overs. If late team is fielding, they will still bowl 20 overs in 100 Minutes. From late start time, but lose overs when batting (as above). If after 45 minutes of scheduled or re-scheduled start, one side still does not have at least 8 players, the match is forfeit to the other team. If neither team has a minimum of 8 players as above, the total match is reduced at the rate of 15 overs per hour, providing an equal number to each team in the time now allotted for the match. If a minimum match cannot be played due to both teams being late, both teams shall obtain “0” points. (No reschedule matches) 6. A team causing an unreasonable delay in starting the second inning will face batting innings reductions as in first innings & a fielding team delay to start will mean 6 penalty runs will be added to batting total for every full 3 minutes delay. PLAYING RULES 7. One innings & 20 six-ball overs maximum per team. (Local) 10 minutes break between innings No declarations are allowed. If one side refuses to play or concedes match, the umpire/s will award the match to the other side & report this to the league, 8. ICC T20 rules are used for any of the players who are absent or leave the field. (Same as ODI). No drinks intervals are allowed, but individual drinks at edge of field or at fall of wicket are ok if not a delay of game. Anything else requires umpire’s permission. 9. The next batsman must be ready at edge of field. He has 2 minutes. To be ready to face next ball. He will be ‘timed-out’ upon appeal by fielding side. Any exchange of batting equipment must take place at fall of wicket or stoppage of play unless cl - Download