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Welcome to Ubacaribbean cricket club Team

UBACCC founded October,2006 by Glenn Atkins.First game in April of 2007 in GSCL.First Captain(2007):Charles Lawrence and in 2008 a new Captain was elected,Robert Tulloch.The Club made a bold step in 2009 by elevating its status from just a cricket team to a ligitimate club.Officers were elected and Denys Williams became the clubs first President.Secretary elect Simone Mitchell also put herself in the history books becoming the first female member.

Upcoming Games

Game DateTypeTeam1Team2UmpiresGround Name
05/31/2015 11:30 AMLeagueMCCUBACCC The Best Academy Field 
06/07/2015 12:00 PMLeagueTSCUBACCC Burdette Park
06/14/2015 12:00 PMLeagueSomersetUBACCC Burdette Park
06/21/2015 12:00 PMLeagueConrad HunteUBACCC The Best Academy Field 
07/12/2015 12:00 PMLeagueUBACCCTSC Mark Trail Park (Nathaniel Scott)

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Top Players (current season, all tournaments, all league games)

Batting / Fielding           Previous Season                                      

IdPlayer NameMINORHSAvgSR10050CTST
14748Leon Garrick3301777459.000.0002  
234336Antonio Graham4401346033.500.0002  
234328Kayon "Omar" Watson3301258141.670.0001  
234329Doug Swanson440812820.250.0000  
237127Tyrone Gayle330534617.670.0000  
14713Glenn Atkins440473111.750.0000  
14719Antonio Daure42113813.000.0000  
234524Russell Stanio421121212.000.0000  
234528Hector Butts111121212.000.0000  
237123Jonathan smith110666.000.0000  
14732Errol Brown420331.500.0000  
243322Alson Lynch221323.000.0000  
240609Caswain McDonald431221.000.0000  
234334Byron Ewart320000.000.0000  

Bowling                           Previous Season                                 

IdPlayers NameOversMRWBBI5W10WAvgSRECO
243322Alson Lynch11.005774/17008.149.435.18
234524Russell Stanio18.0110354/370020.6021.605.72
234328Kayon "Omar" Watson11.007634/400025.3322.006.91
14713Glenn Atkins23.0311935/253039.6746.005.17
14748Leon Garrick18.028124/220040.5054.004.50
240609Caswain McDonald15.5210622/350053.0046.507.07
14719Antonio Daure13.006415/231064.0078.004.92
234334Byron Ewart11.005013/150050.0066.004.55