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SL NoPlayer NameScoreTeam NameTeam AgainstGroundGame DateScore Card
Division 1
Rashane Manning
102*Wanderers Sports ClubSayreville Gladiators Cricket ClubEastside Park 07/27/2014Score Card
2 Crafton Clark 119Eclipse Cricket ClubQueen City Cricket ClubCedar Brook Park 07/20/2014Score Card
3 Christopher Vassell 126Wanderers Sports ClubQueen City Cricket ClubEastside Park 06/29/2014Score Card
4 Sean STANISLAS 123Berbice RoyalsCommonwealth Cricket ClubCedar Brook Park 06/22/2014Score Card
5 Prasad Bommavaram 110Sayreville Gladiators Cricket ClubQueen City Cricket ClubKennedy Park 06/22/2014Score Card
6 RAJ BHAVSAR 109*Berbice RoyalsQueen City Cricket ClubCedar Brook Park 06/15/2014Score Card
7 Oneil Powell 143Montego Bay Cricket ClubEclipse Cricket ClubWarinanco Park 05/25/2014Score Card
8 Roy Bryan 109Eclipse Cricket ClubBerbice RoyalsWeequahic Park 05/18/2014Score Card
9 Maurice Powell 103*Montego Bay Cricket ClubSayreville Gladiators Cricket ClubKennedy Park 05/04/2014Score Card
Division 2
Praneeth Nemarugommula
127New Jersey FalconsSt. Agnes and St. Paul Cricket ClubWarinanco Park 06/01/2014Score Card
2 Joseph Hartley 101Shawne Sports ClubDesiWarriors Cricket ClubWatsessing Park 05/25/2014Score Card
3 Mubashir Ali 109DesiWarriors Cricket ClubTrinjersey Cricket ClubWatsessing Park 05/18/2014Score Card