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·         To play cricket in a safe and friendly environment.
·         To use local competitions for identifying cricketers who wish to play competitively.
·         To provide equal opportunities for individuals to learn, develop and improve their cricketing skills.
·         To have fun while learning and playing cricket.
·         To introduce the sport to youths ages 8 through 19.
·         To use cricket as a social bridge to improve community relationships.
Maintain membership status with the International Cricket Council (ICC) or its USA affiliate.
The Garden State Cricket League is proud of its ethnic and cultural diversity; it is a non-political, non-profit organization. The GSCL is responsible for organizing season-long competitive cricket withteams under its purview and with other leagues locally and nationally. The league pledges support for the development of youth and women’s cricket. The GSCL shall organize annual championship competitions with teams under its authority.
The GSCL shall raise funds by such means as are consistent with the laws of the federal government and the State of New Jersey. These funds shall be utilized in support of the league’s programs such as training, coaching, exhibition/s, seminars, youth development and the promotion of cricket in schools. Cricket is a gentleman’s’ game, the Garden State Cricket League and its members are ethically and morally bound to play the game in the spirit it was intended by adhering to all its principles.
Yours in Sports
Rohan Jones
President, Garden State Cricket League