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North Jersey Renegades make it 3 for 3. Claims Semi-Final Berth. 
Oct 07, 2008

The Renegades had to drive from Mercer County Park to Colonial Park, a 40 minutes drive after winning their first match. The delay meant that the game was reduced to 15 overs. The rampaging Renegades were in terrific form plundering 168 runs at a fast clip as if a large number of runs were needed to make the drive worthwhile.

Vijay Nap unleashed a flurry of big hits after the openers Shahid Shazad and Waheed Akhtar set the match up nicely. For as long as this former West Indies first-class cricketer Vijay Nap was on the ground, it rained sixes - six in total, not to forget a few fours along the scenic slopes of Colonial Park ground which is reminiscent of an English Village ground. Hunain Munir also had a fruitful knock of 29 with 2 huge sixes and 2 fours.

Renegades batting against Patriots

Having set 169 to win, the Connecticut Patriots really needed to get going from the first ball. The runs flowed for the Patriots when Juslyn Smith and Mahmood Sial occupied the crease. Juslyn was particularly effective with his 32 off 20 balls serving as a reminder that anything was possible in cricket. But that quickly turned to improbable and then to impossible as Waseem Arif and Wahap Munir bowled some tight spells.

Vijay, after dazzling with the willow contributed to the leather hunt as well. His three overs fetched 2 wickets. Connecticut ended their innings on 103 for 6 falling short by 65 runs.

Vijay Nap receiving the Match of the Match award

For his entertaining knock of 63 (from just 39 balls), Vijay Nap left no doubt in the mind of the organizers as to who the Man of the Match title should go to.