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  Live Score Summary

Oct 18th: Final - Global Challengers vs Philadelphia Terminators (1:00PM)
This is Mahender Bohra signing off from the finals at Mercer County park. Cheers!

Excellent scene here at the Mercer County park. Great end to an exciting 20-20 tournament.

Winners receive their crystal trophy and check for 5000 USD. Wining team is at the podium to accept their trophy and celebrate. All the fans cheer for the Terminators.

Runners up (Challengers) receive their Trophy and a check for 2000 USD.
Neil McGarrell is declared MVP of the tournament. Neil provided the top allround performance with bat and bowl. Very well deserved!

Young Cameron Mirza awarded Best American Cricketer of the Tournament. Great achievement for the young upcoming player. Hope to see more of him in the future. Congrats Cameron.

Best wicket keeper awarded to Vishal Nagamootoo
Top 3 bowlers of the tournament awarded to Badar Choudhry (18 wkts), Neil McGarrell (14 wkts) and Praveen Vijay (13 wkts).
Top 3 batsmen of the tournament awarded to Amir Siddique (182 runs), Neil McGarrell (154 runs) and Waheed Akhtar (134 runs).
Reebok cricket spirit awards go to Somerset Cavaliers, Mercer Warriors and Jersey Indians.

Dawood Ahmed wins the Man of the Match award for the finals.

The trophy presentation will begin in 10 minutes.

Congratulations to the Terminators and their fans!

Philadelphia Terminators are the champions of the inaugural NuWare New Jersey Twenty 20 Champiomship!

DOT ball
Almost over
DOT ball
DOT ball
DOT ball
25 required in 4 balls
2 runs
DOT ball
27 needed in 6 balls

End of 19th ov - 101/9
Rudy - 0, Santosh - 12

Rudy is the last batsman
Challengers 100/9, 28 to win 1 wkt left
OUT! Nandhlal run out. Santosh Dani goes for the run but Nandhlal is late on the start.
100 Up! for Challengers
End of 18th ov - 97/8
Nandhlal - 1, Santosh - 11

End of 17th ov - 88/8
Nandhlal - 0, Santosh - 7

Terminators 8 down. 2 wickets left. 47 to win
OUT! Forbes is caught on the boundary. Regulation catch for the out fielder.

End of 16th ov - 81/7
Forbes - 1, Santosh - 0

BOWLED! McDonald is bowled! Terminators have this game. All going downhill for the Challengers

End of 15th ov - 80/6
Forbes - 1, McDonald - 1

BOWLED! Kalicharan is bowled. Goes for a big heave and misses the ball. Off stump is uprooted by Ameeq Khan.
OUT! Sean goes for the big hit and is caught at the boundary. Excellent one handed catch by Junaid Rashid.

End of 14th ov - 77/4
Sean - 11, Kalicharan - 13

End of 13th ov - 72/4
Sean - 1, Kalicharan - 13

SIX again! Huge pull for a six. Kalicharan has turned on this chase
SIX! Super shot! Huge six over long-off by Kalicharan
1 run
DOT ball
DOT ball
1 run
End of 12th ov - 58/4
Sean - 0, Kalicharan - 0

OUT! Nagamooto run out for 21 runs. Terminators are back in the game and edging up
End of 11th ov - 56/3
Vishal Nagamooto - 20, Kalicharan - 0

1 run
OUT! Neil gone! Neil top edges and ball goes up in the slip region and the keeper takes a well judged cap.
DOT ball
WIDE ball
DOT ball
1 run
WIDE ball
1 run
Badar to ball the next over

End of 10th ov - 50/2
Vishal Nagamooto - 18, Neil - 8

2 runs
2 runs
DOT ball
FOUR! top shot. excellent square cut for four by Neil
1 run
End of 9th ov - 42/2
Vishal Nagamooto - 13, Neil - 0

1 run
DOT ball
2 runs
Neil Mcgarrell is the new batsman
OUT! Kingston went for a hit towards long-off and easy catch. Badar gets wicket on the first ball! Kingston c Ameeq b Badar 11
Badar Choudry will ball the next over End of 8th ov - 39/1
Vishal Nagamooto - 14, Melroy Kingston - 11

DOT ball
DOT ball - good diving stop by mid-on
DOT ball
DOT ball
DOT ball
1 run for Kingston
Zaheer Abbassi to bowl next over from the commentary end

End of 7th ov - 38/1
Vishal Nagamooto - 14, Melroy Kingston - 10

1 run for Kingston
1 run - guided to 3rd man area
2 runs - pulled to mid wicket area by Nagamooto
2 runs - pulled to the mid wicket area
DOT ball
DOT ball
WIDE ball
Imran Awan will start his 1st over

End of 6th ov - 30/1
Vishal Nagamooto - 9, Melroy Kingston - 9

End of 5th ov - 23/1
Vishal Nagamooto - 9, Melroy Kingston - 2

Global Challengers have had a good start and are at 23/1 in 5 ovs.

Philadelphia Terminators lost some early wickets and then stablized their innings towards the last 6 overs to reach a respectable total of 127/9 in 20 overs.

Philadelphia Terminators 127/9 in 20 ov

Challengers won the toss and elected and elected to field.

Apologies for delay in the coverage of the first innings.

New Jersey's Global Challengers will take on Philadelphia Terminators

Match starts at 1:00PM EST

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