News goes the full 22 yards with Radiant Info USA Twenty20

By DreamCricket USA
Hillsborough, NJ; August 31, 2009

One of the biggest cricket extravaganzas in the USA, the Radiant Info USA Twenty20, is only a week away from coming to New Jersey.   Aside from on-ground action from star players - several international and first class cricketers plus most of USA national and regional cricketers are playing -  this year's event will also incorporate minor improvements and major innovations, some never before seen in USA context, that will make this a premium event.

Gokul Chakravarthy of,  the Tournament Commissioner for the Radiant Info Twenty20, is a ECB qualified umpire and statistician and has wide-ranging experience in officiating fixtures.  He will be assisted by Pirasanna Venugopal, Mahender Bohra and a team of tournament officials with specific responsibilities. 

Speaking on the occasion, Gokul Chakravarthy said that Margaret Wong & Associates, a New York law firm had agreed to become the designated sponsor for tournament officials and other related infrastructure for this tournament.  "Cricket has its laws and the law firm thought it a natural fit to sponsor this aspect of the tournament.  We are grateful for their involvement with cricket."

Gokul Chakravarthy added:  "Getting the logistics right and ensuring the tournament is played in accordance with the laws and spirit of cricket - these are the two biggest focus areas from my standpoint.  We have come up with several improvements for this type of an event in USA, and if successfully implemented, these will usher in a new era of professional cricket, held together by a solid infrastructure."  

On-field features: 

  • There will be a 3rd umpire on the sidelines at all the matches to ensure that the on-field umpires have much-needed assistance with boundary calls, # balls in the over, fair catches, and in general have a 3rd pair of eyes to assist them with any and all issues on the field. This will prevent the unnecessary involvement of tournament officials and team managers. The 3rd umpire shall also be responsible for administering and overseeing the application of the Duckworth/Lewis method (D/L) in the case of stoppages due to ground, weather, light or any other wholly acceptable reasons. The 3rd umpires shall also hold in their possession, spare balls of varying levels of wear ready to go for cases in the unlikely yet probable event that balls get lost or sustain unexpected damage or have manufacturing defects
  • Speaking of the D/L, the very use of the latest ICC-approved D/L software to revise targets and/or determine a winner in matches of shorter length than originally scheduled, is another innovation being heralded by the Radiant Info USA Twenty20. This shall go a long way in ensuring clarity
  • The umpires themselves have been appointed from a pool of elite umpires. This list includes the best in the land, as evidenced the presence of at least one USA “Hall of Fame” umpire, four ICC-approved umpires and two previously ICC-appointed umpires. These umpires shall be clad in customized black uniform to improve the visibility for the batsmen, considering the use of white balls.
  • There will big scoreboards, with all the important figures relevant to the players on the field, clearly visible at all times.
  • will implement ALL of the three types of creases stipulated by the Laws of Cricket: the popping crease, two return creases, and the bowling crease. Often, the popping crease is the only one that pops up. But not in the Radiant Info USA Twenty20. The mats and the surrounding areas shall be radiant with the proud, white glow of all the creases painted to specifications.
  • The boundaries shall be clearly demarcated using striping paint in combination with intermittently located plastic flags.
  • Nothing less than Test quality white balls (Gray Nicolls Test) will do for this tournament which shall also come with the usual trappings of customized colored clothing for each of the 6 teams: New England Pioneers, New York Destroyers, New Jersey Daredevils, Global Challengers, Gentlemen of Philadelphia and Washington Senators.
  • Thanks to the generous sponsors, this year’s Radiant Info USA Twenty20 shall see cash prizes and Reebok equipment totaling $15,000 as well as prestigious trophies, medals and equipment giveaways for performers in the competition.

Team-related features:  

  • This year’s Radiant Info USA Twenty20 shall include a total of 6 teams. In a huge leap forward from’s NJT20 of 2008, where A-list club teams were invited to play, the current version shall see somewhat of a semi-professional format with "franchise" teams, put together by team sponsors and/ or managers and coaches from a pool of the best cricketers in the USA as well as come international and first-class players from outside of the USA.
  • A minimum of one current or recent U-19 player shall be included in each team, highlighting’s commitment to the development of cricket in the USA.
  • As mentioned above, will provide teams with customized colored clothing carrying individualized logos and emblems, designed and created specifically for the Radiant Info USA Twenty20 2009.
  • Sumtuous lunch will be provided at the venue on Saturday and Sunday for players and officials thanks to our food sponsor - Paradise Biryani Pointe.   Paradise, a chain of six restaurants that specializes in Hyderabadi cuisine, will also have snacks for sale for Monday's final.

Dedicated tournament website:

  • Having set the benchmark for coverage of cricket in the USA, it is only natural that for their own tournament, has a dedicated tournament website for Radiant Info USA Twenty20 ( It should be no surprise that this website shall come replete with:
    • daily video clips of the day’s events, interviews and views from the day’s performers and organizers and officials
    • live ball-by-ball commentary online, and
    • for the 1st time ever, a unique method known as the “Impact Index”, shall be used to determine the best players of the tournament
  • one can also follow the tournament on Facebook and Twitter (details to follow).


  • The Final match shall be covered live with on-field commentary as well as live commentary on radio, thanks to Radiant Info USA Twenty20’s radio partner, EBC Radio. You can catch all the action live on air at NJ AM frequency 1170 or online