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Morrisville Township to upgrade Church Park Cricket facility

2023 May 05 by DreamCricket USA

Township of Morrisville is expanding the capacity of the Church Park cricket stadium to 3,500 and including provisions for state of the art production infrastructure.  

Township of Morrisville, North Carolina, said last week that the township was going to expand the capacity of the Church Park cricket stadium to 3,500.  The upgrades will provide for state of the art production infrastructure as well as well lit practice nets among other features.

This gives shape to what the former mayor of Morrisville, Mark Stohlman, shared in March 2022 with abc11.com (Eye Witness News): "We are teaming up with Major League Cricket.  They are going to invest about $2.5 million," he said, adding "They are also going to improve the training and practice facilities, and also give us state-of-the-art broadcast capabilities, which are all key components to you know, big national or international broadcasts."  Former Mayor Stohlman also hoped that Morrisville might be selected as a venue for matches during the 2024 World Cup. "That would be an amazing event and that's only two years away," he noted.

Announcing the plans, the township's new mayor, Mayor TJ Cawley, told abc11.com (Eye Witness News): "We are very excited to be able to provide a world class cricket venue to host both our local league play and some of the best players in the world right here in Morrisville at Church Street Park."  

One common problem at Church Park is the ball sometimes clears the park and lands on the road.  It is not clear if netting that side of the park is part of the plan.

Morrisville is the home to Morrisville Raptors in the Minor League and hosted the Minor League finals weekends in both 2021 and 2022.  It is the top-rated cricket facility in the eastern part of the country and is also home to the Triangle Cricket League, a large league that also operates a very successful youth development program.

Picture Courtesy: MLC