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USA Cricket: Mahammad A Qureshi announces campaign for USACA president

2011 Jun 07 by DreamCricket USA

Roughly three weeks after he announced his resignation as Chairman and CEO of Cricket Council USA, Mahammad A. "Maq" Qureshi announced his campaign for President of USACA.

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Roughly three weeks after he announced his resignation as Chairman and CEO of Cricket Council USA, Mahammad A. "Maq" Qureshi launched his campaign for President of the United States of America Cricket Association (USACA). 

Among others, Mr. Qureshi will face Nabeel Ahmed who was the first to announce his intention to run for President back in November of 2010.

In a media release announcing his candidacy on June 7th, Qureshi said, "I’m running for President in order to bring credibility to USACA - what should be an esteemed organization. Credibility is only established when an organization demonstrates responsibility and integrity from within. Only then can we gain the confidence of our members and sponsors."

"I’m running for this position because I am committed to the development and expansion of cricket in the United States. I’m running for office to make USACA an effect (sic) yet transparent organization that earns the respect of its membership, other cricket associations, the ICC, existing and potential sponsors, and, of course, the millions of potential cricket enthusiasts in America.“

Qureshi is the President and CEO of USA based MAQ Group, Inc.  According to the media release, MAQ Group has enjoyed great success by specializing in high-profile commercial real estate investments, financing, development, management and consulting and owns trademarked brands, such as PetroAmerica, Subco, SuperStop and Bizder. 

Some years ago, Qureshi started Cricket Council USA (CCUSA), which has organized and sponsored tournaments bearing his company's name in Texas, Florida, New Jersey, Connecticut and New York.  The organization is also a supporter of the City of Lauderhill T20 Night Cricket Tournament.

After ten years at the helm of CCUSA, on May 13, Qureshi announced his resignation as CEO and Chairman.  “The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change," the CCUSA media release noted invoking Bill Clinton's words, adding that "It is after much contemplation and reflection, the Chairman and CEO of Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) Mohammad A. Qureshi announced his resignation after holding the post for ten years."

"Hopefully his new endeavors will still include further development to the sport of cricket in America,”Jeff Miller, Cricket Council USA Vice President of Operations said in the release dropping a hint about things to come.  

The June 7 announcement was consistent with Mr. Miller's hopes when it noted: "It is a natural transition for Maq to take the helm of USACA’s ship which is seemingly sailing in circles. Maq’s dreams to elevate USACA to a well respected and transparent organization are achievable upon him being elected to President."

Source: Media Release

Picture courtesy: Maq Qureshi/FB profile