History of American Cricket

History of American Cricket Part VII - 1890s

2018 Dec 01 by DreamCricket USA

The standard of the games and the number of spectators both skyrocketed during the 1890s.  The Gentlemen of Philadelphia, by now a first class cricket team, posted a record total of 525 for any American side in international cricket playing against Australia.  Jack Blackham, Australia’s captain was stunned.  "You have better players here than we have been led to believe. They class with England’s best,” he said.

By Venu Palaparthi

Sometime in March of 2009, right after I had concluded putting together the sixth part of my series on USA Cricket history covering the 1880s, I sat down to review my archives covering 1890s for the seventh.  I discovered that the1890s was epoch making in every sense.  I could simply not write about 1890s in one article.  
There was so much material from the 1890s that I began to write about the major tours.  In the 18 months that followed, I wrote four pieces about the 1890s covering Lord Hawke’s English tours of USA in 1891 and 1894, Ireland’s tour of USA in 1892, Australian tour of USA under Jack Blackham in 1893 and Australian tours under Pelham Warner in 1897 and 1898.  Meanwhile, I joined Nasdaq in 2011 and my writing became somewhat sporadic.  The K.A. Auty library that I had acquired from the Ridley College began gathering dust.  
In October of 2018, nearly ten years after I began writing about 1890s, a cricket enthusiast asked me if he could use some images from a presentation I made at the ICC Centenary in 2009.  That led me back to the boxes and to the 1890s.   Here is a piece on the remaining events of significance in USA’s cricket history during that eventful final decade leading up to the 20thcentury.  

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The 1890s
The Canada versus United States matches surged in popularity through the 1890s with the emergence of the greatest all-rounder in the history of North American cricket, in John Barton (Bart) King.  The performances of John Barton (Bart) King with bat and ball are stuff of the legend.  Some have gone as far as calling him the best American athlete ever!  
King lived up to his name and dominated the North American scene for almost twenty years.  Sizable crowds, at times exceeding 25,000, gathered to see him wherever he played.  He humbled the greatest batsmen of England and Australia with his in swinging "hellbenders."  In 1909, King took all ten wickets for the Gentlemen of Philadelphia in a fixture against Ireland, to finish with 10 for 53.  Among his domestic batting records are an unbeaten 344 not out versus Merion and 315 against Germantown.  In 65 first class games between 1893 and 1912, King took 415 wickets at an average of 15.66 and scored 2134 runs, including a century and eight fifties. Yes, GOP played first class cricket in England.
In all respects, 1890s was the golden period for cricket in the Americas.  In Ontario, Canada had found in its ranks a man to rival King.  His name was John M. Laing.  Laing, who played for Canada against the United States, Ireland, Australia and England, made sure the Auty Cup battles between USA and Canada were riveting.  In an Auty Cup match between the United States and Canada at Toronto in 1895, John Laing destroyed the American batting line-up to capture 7 for 21 in the first innings, to record the first hat-trick in the international series when he clean bowled J. W. Sharp, S. Goodman and L. K. Mallinckrodt. The following year, he did even better when he captured 6 for 17 and 8 for 37 against the United States at Manheim, Pennsylvania, to set a Canadian bowling record - a record that stood for over a century.  Laing was also an effective batsman, and while playing for Wanderers Cricket Club against the Douglas Park Cricket Club in the Chicago competition in 1903, he scored 249 and, with J. G. Davis 103 not out, helped to establish a 4th wicket batting partnership record of 313 runs for North American cricket.  During his international career, Laing captured a total of 77 wickets with his fast swerving deliveries.  
Such was the skill of the American cricketers around the turn of the century.  

The craftsmanship of Americans was helped in no small measure by the frequent tours by the leading cricket nations throughout the decade, including the most famous of them all – Maharaja Ranji’s tour of USA in 1899 – as a prince hailing from British India but living in England, Ranji captained the English side, of course.  The visit of the Australian cricketers under the captaincy of Jack Blackham in 1893 brought about the most successful season ever experienced in USA by the Americans.   The standard of the games and the number of spectators both skyrocketed and the Gentlemen of Philadelphia (GOP) posted a record total of 525 for any American side in international cricket.  Jack Blackham, Australia’s captain was stunned.  "You have better players here than we have been led to believe. They class with England’s best,” he said.
In 1891 and 1894, an English side led by Lord Hawke visited USA.  Once again, Philadelphia proved they were on the rise by defeating the visitors in 1891. The Australian XI of 1896 visited Philadelphia and played three matches winning the first two but losing the last one by an innings and 99 runs.   All this success emboldened the Philadelphians to send a team to England in 1897, something they began in 1885 but had paused in 1889.  Unlike the previous tours, the visitors met full-strength county sides on the 1897 tour.  They were no longer taken lightly.  The GOP lost nine matches on this tour, but they drew four matches and registering wins against Sussex and Warwickshire.  By all measures, the GOP exceeded expectations providing the impetus to continue these first-class tours to England until 1914 when World War I brought all cricket to a standstill.
Here is a closer examination of the 1890s, bulletized to the greatest extent possible but presented in greater detail, when that is warranted.
In domestic cricket, Charlie W Laurence took all ten wickets for Alameda CC vs Oakland CC, an accomplishment that gained the interest of the national media.  The first edition of the American Cricket Annual was published by Jerome Flannery in 1890, eventually taken over by Frederick F Kelly and finally by Spalding and renamed "Spalding's Official Cricket Guide" – the magazine was published until about 1914 as an annual.  The American Cricketer Magazine, established in 1877, then the most successful cricket magazine, was a monthly.
New England Cricket Association was launched with 15 clubs with George Wright as the first president.   Cricket continues to be played in Connecticut today with teams organized under the two main leagues – Southern Connecticut Cricket Association and the Connecticut Cricket League. 

In New York, Henry Chadwick wrote in "Cricket in the Metropolis" that "For Years the map of Central Park has been ornamented by a cricket field, but it has only been within a few years that the field in question has been allowed to be used by any club, and now that it is the clubs occupying it are obliged to put up with a very inferior condition of the field for cricket purposes, for the park officials will neither improve the turf themselves nor allow the clubs to do it at their own expense.  At Prospect Park matters are very differently arranged by the Park commissioners, as the splendid condition of the field of the Manhattan Cricket Club at the Parade Ground fully shows."  P. David Sentance writes in "Cricket in America" that the Metropolitan District League of New York decided to tackle the problem of late arrivals by awarding points to the opponents if a team was not on the field by 11am.  

Boston, the center for cricket in New England, continued to make giant strides thanks to the pro players of Longwood Cricket Club led by professionals such as George Wright, who is now remembered as a Baseball Hall of Famer and first professional shortstop for Cincinnati Red Stockings.  Harvard University was a dominant team in the Boston area, winning 7 of their 10 games that 1890 season.  There were multiple leagues in Boston including the Massachusetts Central Cricket Association, the Lawrence District League and the Western Massachusetts League.  The teams frequently played against teams from the Rhode Island League.
In California, the California Cricket Association commenced activity with its base in San Francisco.   The year also saw the founding of the Los Angeles Cricket Club in southern California.
USA vs Canada Series - 1890
USA won the KA Auty tournament by 31 runs.   The match, a two-day affair, was played at the Philadelphia Cricket Club Ground on 14th and 15th of July 1890.  The match was played using the 5 balls per over format.   USA won the toss and decided to bat.
GS Patterson was in the type of form that “had to be seen to be believed.”  He scored 126 and strung together a few good partnerships, notably with FE Brewster who scored 38, all of which helped USA reach 269.   By end of day 1, Canada had already lost a wicket - that of WC Little (for a duck).    
On Day 2, the Canadians were sent packing for 141 and following on, they made just 97 giving USA a victory of an innings and 31 runs in a two-day match!   HI Brown, a leading bowler of the time, was in rare form getting 4 wickets in the first essay and five during the follow-on.
United States of America - First innings
*W Brockiec and b Little        5                
FH Bohlen  c Little b Gillespie         12 
EW Clark   c Ferrie b McGiverin    22                                
GS Patterson      b Ferrie      126                              
N Etting      c Fleury b Cameron     6                                  
DP Stoever         c Little b Cameron        0                                  
FE Brewster        lbw b Gillespie     38                                
HC Coatesc Senkler b Cameron   10                                
HP Baily     lbw b Boyd3                                   
HI Brown    c Hamilton b Ferrie       27                                
+EL Evansnot out        0                                   
Extras        (11 b, 7 lb, 1 nb, 1 w)   20 
Total(all out, 126 overs)       269  
Fall of wickets: 
1-6, 2-24, 3-58, 4-73, 5-73, 6-164, 7-195, 8-211, 9-269, 10-269 (126 ov)  
Canada bowling   
Ferrie         16    4       44     2 
Little 13     4       22     1 
Gillespie     32     13     53     2       
McGiverin  30     13     50     1       
Boyd15     2       51     1       
Cameron    15     6       18     3       
Hamilton     5       3       11     0       
Canada - First innings  
JO Hamilton        b Clark       6                                  
WC Little    b Baily        0                                   
GS Lyon    c Coates b Clark26                                
A Gillespie  b Brown     18                                 
*MM Boyd  b Brown     9                                   
TSC Saunders    b Baily        39                                 
JH Senklerc Brewster b Patterson         1                                  
WJ Fleury  b Baily        4                                   
KH Cameron       c Brockie b Brown        5                                  
RB Ferrie   b Brown     14                                 
HB McGiverin     not out        0                                   
Extras        (15 b, 1 lb, 3 nb)  19 
Total(all out, 87.3 overs)      141  
Fall of wickets: 
1-7, 2-27, 3-46, 4-62, 5-71, 6-75, 7-89, 8-100, 9-141, 10-141 (87.3 ov)  
United States of America bowling  
Baily 23     7       38     3       
Brown        23.3  8       26     4
Clark20     11     22     2 
Patterson   18     4       28     1       
Brewster    3       0       8       0       
Canada - Second Innings (following on)  
TSC Saunders    b Baily        2                                   
JO Hamilton        b Baily        8                                  
WC Little    b Baily        0                                  
A Gillespie  b Brown     15                                
GS Lyon    b Brown     34                                 
*MM Boyd  c Baily b Brown   1                                  
JH Senklerb Baily        17                                
WJ Fleury  b Baily        4                                  
KH Cameron       b Brown     0                                  
RB Ferrie   b Brown     0                                  
HB McGiverin     not out        4                                  
Extras        (6 b, 5 lb, 1 w)     12 
Total(all out, 38.2 overs)      97  
Fall of wickets: 
1-6, 2-6, 3-12, 4-53, 5-58, 6-73, 7-82, 8-85, 9-89, 10-97 (38.2 ov)  
United States of America bowling  
Baily       15.2      4       43     5 
Patterson   10     4       14     0       
Clark4       1       12     0       
Brown        9      2       16     5         

By 1891, there was both an interstate competition featuring Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.  During the 1891 season, the Intercollegiate Cricket Association featured Harvard, Haverford, UPenn and Columbia.  And there was an Intercity League featuring teams from Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, Pittsburgh, New York, Baltimore and Detroit.  Chicago, Pittsburgh and Detroit played in the Western series and the remaining teams were the Eastern series.

Lord Hawke’s English tour of USA in 1891
In 1891, Lord Hawke’s XI played games against the Gentlemen of Philadelphia, against All New York, Baltimore, Boston Athletic Association and Chicago.  Englishmen were delighted by the American hospitality and huge throngs followed the English cricketers wherever they went.  
"Weather being chilly, only about 5,000 people were in attendance," a reporter lamented about the turnout at Manheim, Pennsylvania.   Special trains were run from Chestnut Hill, Bryn Mawr and Philadelphia when the new Germantown Cricket Club clubhouse was opened after the second match.  Over 1000 people attended the invitation-only dinner and ball.
The Philadelphians won the first match that began on September 25th, 1891 in a convincing manner.  As in the previous year's USA vs Canada match, it was HI Brown who was the spearhead of the Gentlemen of Philadelphia.   He accounted for 10 wickets in this match.    The visitors won the second match, also at Manheim. Playing in Baltimore on October 9th and 10th, Lord Hawke's XI defeated Baltimore by an innings and 150 runs.  In Boston, they won by 242 runs.  
Click here for detailed tour report.
The Canadian Cricket Association was formed in 1892 giving Canada a national association building on the work of Ontario Cricket. 
Gentlemen of Ireland tour of USA:  Gentlemen of Ireland toured USA and played 7 matches in September and October of 1892.   Click here for detailed tour report. 
USA vs Canada: The 1892 USA vs Canada match was played in Manheim where, once again, USA defeated Canada by a convincing margin of an innings and 222 runs finishing the match in 2 days.  
Where: USA vs Canada, Germantown Cricket Club Ground, Manheim, Philadelphia on 16th, 17th September 1892 (3-day match completed in 2 days)
Canada first innings    

WW Jonesc Patterson b Clark      5                                   
FW Terry   b Clark       0                                   
*WA Henryb Baily        11                                 
A Gillespie  b Baily        21                                 
+QH Warden       b Baily        1                                   
MG Bristowe       not out        12                                 
L Coste      b King         0                                   
WJ Fleury  c Wood b Baily    0                                   
JM Laing    b King         0                                   
DAJ Baconb King         0                                   
JAG Bengough   b Baily        5                                   
Extras        (1 b, 5 lb, 4 nb)    10  
Total(all out, 29.1 overs)      65  
Fall of wickets:  
1-0, 2-6, 3-31, 4-42, 5-43, 6-44, 7-45, 8-46, 9-46, 10-65 (29.1 ov)   
United States of America bowling     
Clark11     4       13     2       
Baily  11.1  2       28     5       
Patterson   3       0       8       0       
King  4       2       6       3          
United States of America first innings     

EW Clark   b Bristowe  0                                   
AM Wood   c Henry b Jones129                     - 
WW Noble  c Gillespie b Laing        32                                 
*GS Patterson     c Bengough b Terry     29                                 
FH Bohlen  b Terry       90                                 
HC Coatesb Laing       15                                 
HC Thayerb Laing       1                                   
FE Brewster        b Laing       0                                   
JB King      run out       2                                   
P Butler      b Laing       4                                   
HP Baily     not out        24                                 
Extras        (12 b, 8 lb, 2 nb, 4 w)   26  
Total(all out, 90.3 overs)      352    
Fall of wickets:    
1-2, 2-81, 3-174, 4-230, 5-261, 6-263, 7-275, 8-287, 9-298, 10-352 (90.3 ov)    

Canada bowling     
Bristowe     22     4       62     1       
Bengough  12     4       47     0       
Laing18     1       72     5       
Gillespie     20     2       74     0       
Terry11.3  2       33     2       
Jones         7      0       38     1          
Canada second innings  
WW Jonesb Patterson         6                                  
FW Terry   b Baily        4                                   
*WA Henryb Baily        4                                   
A Gillespie  b King         23                                 
+QH Warden       b Patterson         3                                   
MG Bristowe       b King         4                                   
L Coste      b Brewster3                                   
WJ Fleury  c Brewster b Wood      0                                   
JM Laing    b Brewster5                                   
DAJ Baconnot out        5                                   
JAG Bengough   run out       2                                   
Extras        (2 b, 1 lb, 3 nb)    6  
Total(all out, 33 overs)         65    
Fall of wickets:  
1-0, 2-10, 3-13, 4-29, 5-38, 6-45, 7-47, 8-52, 9-58, 10-65 (33 ov)    
United States of America bowling    
Baily  7       4       7       2       
King  6       0       15     2       
Patterson   7       2       19     2       
Brewster    10     2       15     2       
Wood         3       2       3       1          
Australian Tour of USA:  This is the series in which John Bart King arrived on the scene.  The series began with a massive victory over the visitors led by Jack Blackham. "You have better players here than we have been led to believe. They class with England's best," Blackham said. More on the tour here.
Cricket in New York metro area in 1893:  “The standard of the skill and the number of spectators both advanced,” NY Times noted about the 1893 season.  
The Metropolitan District Cricket League introduced some championship contests that sparked excitement in the game.  In its fourth season, the league saw the usual growth in membership each year.  The New Jersey Athletic Club was in the first position in the league.  “James D Boyd, Secretary of the Club, deserves most of the credit for his energetic work and his team, especially MR Cobb who produced a fine batting average of 29.6 which was the best in the league, but also was the best bowler in the league with 4.96 for 60 wickets,” a reporter for the Times wrote.
The Staten Island Cricket Club finished second.  NY Times called out AE Patterson’s performance of 223 runs during the season.  The Brooklyn Club by a fine display of cricket gained third place.  They nearly beat New Jersey Athletic Club - the eventual champions.   Weather saved the match for NJAC.  This game, played at Bergen Point, saw the home team disposed of for their smallest total.   Paterson Club, Manhattan, Morris Park and Newark were the remaining teams in the league that year.   The league also featured a second division with Victoria Club, Staten Island, Harlem, and South Brooklyn in that division. 
USA vs Canada:  In a match played at the Philadelphia Cricket Club ground on 17th, 18th and 19th September 1894, Canada won the toss and decided to bat first.    After dismissing the Canadians for 155, thanks mainly to JB King’s three wicket haul, USA posted 177 in their first inning, gaining a small lead of 22 runs with a 7th wicket partnership between LA Biddle and EW Clark saving the Americans the blushes.   Rain interrupted the match numerous times on Day 2 and Day 3 was completely washed out with not a ball bowled.  
Canada first innings  

PC Goldingham   c Patterson b King        11                                 
AFR Martinc Muir b Baily      23                                 
FW Terry   b Clark       6                                   
JM Laing    b King         23                                 
*GS Lyon   c Wood b Baily    23                                 
J Horsteadc King b Baily      10                                 
WJ Kenney         c Biddle b King    0                                   
F Martin     b Clark       15                                 
WW Jonesc Biddle b Patterson     15                                
WR Wadsworth   not out        11                                 
HB McGiverin     b Patterson         4                                   
Extras        (10 b, 3 lb, 1 nb)  14 
Total(all out, 79.2 overs)      155  
Fall of wickets: 
1-32, 2-42, 3-50, 4-93, 5-95, 6-104, 7-104, 8-139, 9-143, 10-155 (79.2 ov)  
United States of America bowling  
King  32     17     45     3       
Baily  14     9       33     3       
Patterson   16.2  7       23     2       
Clark17     7       40     2         
United States of America first innings  
GS Patterson      b Laing       3                                  
AM Wood   lbw b McGiverin  36                                
WW Noble  b McGiverin        15                                 
FH Bohlen  c and b McGiverin        20                                 
EW Clark   c Jones b Laing  31                                 
JW Muir     b Laing       0                                   
+FW Ralston       c Terry b Laing   4                                  
LA Biddle    b Laing       32                                 
*W Brockiec Horstead b Laing       0                                  
JB King      not out        10                                 
HP Baily     not out        10                                 
Extras        (10 b, 4 lb, 1 nb, 1 w)   16 
Total(9 wickets, 73 overs)   177  
Fall of wickets: 
1-8, 2-45, 3-83, 4-86, 5-87, 6-91, 7-150, 8-150, 9-158  
Canada bowling  
Laing24     12     69     6       
Wadsworth17     8       19     0       
McGiverin  23     14     47     3       
Kenney      4       0       14     0       
Goldingham         5      1       12     0         
1894:   Lord Hawke returned in 1894 having toured Ceylon and India the previous year.  Lord Hawke’s team included three players from the 1891 tour and the remaining were new.  This was a much shorter tour with just four matches.  The first match at Livingston, home of the Staten Island Cricket Club, was washed out.  The second match against Gentlemen of Philadelphia was played at Merion which the visitors won by a 131 run margin.
The third match began on September 28, 1894 at Manheim saw “a very low attendance of 4,000.”   In this match, Gentlemen of Philadelphia were wiped out for 107 and following on, they scored just 64, losing by an innings and 40 runs.  Click here for an article on the tour.
Cricket in Honolulu:  Philadelphia cricketers arranged a cricket match in Honolulu between sailors of USS Philadelphia and HMS Nymphe.  (By 2000, cricket had a firm foothold in Hawaii with pitches in Honolulu and Maui.)
Manhattan and NJ Athletics Club: The New York Times wrote about a league game, which produced a win for Manhattan by narrowest margin of one run in Prospect Park on June 30. 
Bermuda vs Metropolitan Insurance AA at Central Park:  Cricket continued at the Central Park throughout this decade. Details of a game at Central Park that was reproduced in the NY Times indicates that Metropolitan Insurance (Met Life) had an active cricket club during the 1890s.  Metropolitan Insurance was on the verge of a victory with just 4 runs to win with 8 wickets left to fall. But rain fell instead and the match was abandoned.
Organization of cricket in USA: The Cricketers Association of the United States was formed owing to the efforts of the American Cricketer magazine. The magazine wrote that there were 300 clubs in existence around that time.   Needless to say, this association did not take root.  Clubs across the U.S. were opposed to a central authority, which is thought to be the main cause for the decline of the sport.  
In 1895, the Philadelphian clubs organized themselves as the Associated Clubs of Philadelphia, which was founded to ensure schedules did not conflict in an era of unprecedented growth for cricket in USA.  They also were behind the first tour of USA by Ranjitsinhji in 1899.  But as a central authority, they exercised very little control.  In fact, it was in 1961 that USA successfully created a central authority - this was the United States Cricket Association.  Ironically, this organization too failed to capture the imagination of the cricketing populace.
International varsity cricket - USA vs Canada:  A team composed of students from Harvard, Haverford, and UPenn met Canadian students in the first international inter-university match in July of 1895.  Only these three universities had strong enough teams to send players to this tournament.  The match was organized by the Intercollegiate Cricket Association. The Canadian team comprised all colleges in that country and the team's members were selected by the Ontario Cricket Association.  However, the Canadian team was chiefly composed of Trinity and Toronto universities. Haverford was by now the leader in cricket and it contributed the mighty JA Lester whose average for 1894 was 62 and he took quite a few wickets as well.     
Oxford/Cambridge tour of USA: In September of 1895, Oxford/Cambridge undertook a tour of USA. After playing in New York, Oxford/Cambridge combined team led by F. Mitchell visited Philadelphia winning only 2 out of their 5 matches.  The British universities lost their game against UPenn - a historic win for the US college side.  For a detailed tour write-up, click here.
“Young ladies of Mrs. Hazen’s School (Pelham Hall) dropped their bat and ball on the Esplanade lawn in 1896 long enough to pose for the photographer before engaging the girls of Rosemary Hall in a serious contest of cricket. Results of the game are lost in history" - The Pelham Manor Story 1891 - 1991  This match was the second of a series that began in 1895 - perhaps making cricket the first interscholastic girls sporting event in American history.   In this way, cricket preceded basketball because it was only in 1897, the New York Times reported the first area interscholastic basketball contest between Montclair High and Horace Mann of New York City. The Girls Interscholastic Athletic League was not formed until 1900. 
Detailed report here.
USA vs Canada: September 7th 1896   

In 1896, in the USA vs Canada series, Canada defeated USA by a margin of 40 runs.   Canada’s Laing excelled in a low scoring game with a scorching 14 wicket haul, 6 reaped in the first innings and 8 in the second. Laing pretty much single-handedly won the match for Canada.   King, although he dismissed Goldingham in the Canada second innings with what the Times called a "hellbender" was less fortunate than Laing and accounted for 10 Canadian wickets.
Match:  USA vs Canada, Germantown Cricket Club Ground, Manheim, Philadelphia on 4th, 5th September 1896 (3-day match which ended on 2nd day)  
Result: Canada won by 40 runs 
Canada first innings   

WH Cooper         b Patterson         22                                 
JT McIntosh        b King         0                                  
PC Goldingham   c Brown b King    10                                
GS Lyon    c Wood b Patterson     23                                 
JM Laing    c Wood b King     1                                   
*WA Henryb Patterson         3                                   
H Ackland  c Wood b King     3                                   
EG Rykertc and b Patterson         2                                   
WC Little    b Patterson         3                                   
WE Deanec Clark b Patterson      5                                  
HB McGiverin     not out        3                                   
Extras        (8 b, 2 lb, 2 w)     12 
Total(all out, 56 overs)         87  
Fall of wickets: 
1-7, 2-27, 3-57, 4-64, 5-68, 6-68, 7-74, 8-76, 9-80, 10-87 (56 ov) 
United States of America bowling  
King  24     9       35     4 
Clark5       1       8       0 
Patterson   23     13     24     6       
Brown        4      0       8       0         
United States of America first innings   
*GS Patterson     b McGiverin        3                                  
JW Muir     b Laing       3                                   
WW Noble  b Laing       0                                   
AM Wood   c and b McGiverin        5                                   
FH Bohlen  b McGiverin        6                                   
L Biddle      b Laing       0                                   
EM Cregarb Laing       0                                   
JB King      b Laing       0                                   
HI Brown    c and b Laing      1                                   
EW Clark   b McGiverin        9                                   
+FW Ralston       not out        14                                 
Extras        (9 b, 1 lb, 1 w)     11 
Total(all out, 24 overs)         52  
Fall of wickets: 
1-7, 2-7, 3-7, 4-19, 5-20, 6-22, 7-22, 8-23, 9-26, 10-52 (24 ov)  
Canada bowling   

Laing12     4       17     6 
McGiverin  12     4       24     4  
 Canada second innings   
HB McGiverin     c Biddle b Patterson     1 
WH Cooper         c Wood b King     20                                
PC Goldingham   b King         14                                
GS Lyon    b King         1                                   
JM Laing    b Patterson         23                                 
H Ackland  c Patterson b King        12                                 
JT McIntosh        c Clark b Patterson      13                                 
*WA Henryc Clark b King     6                                   
EG Rykertnot out        12                                 
WC Little    run out       0                                  
WE Deaneb King         1                                  
Extras        (12 b, 2 lb)14 
Total(all out, 80 overs)         117  
Fall of wickets: 
1-1, 2-40, 3-41, 4-42, 5-62, 6-79, 7-91, 8-109, 9-110, 10-117 (80 ov) 
United States of America bowling   
King  37     19     41     6       
Clark4       1       15     0       
Patterson   35     16     38     3       
Brown        3      0       7       0       
Cregar       1      0       2       0         
United States of America second innings   

*GS Patterson     b Laing       8                                   
JB King      c Lyon b Laing    8                                   
AM Wood   b Laing       6                                   
FH Bohlen  b Laing       13                                 
JW Muir     c Cooper b Laing10                                 
L Biddle      c Cooper b Lyon23                                 
WW Noble  b Laing       1                                   
EM Cregarb Laing       4                                   
+FW Ralston       b Laing       7                                   
EW Clark   not out        18                                 
HI Brown    b McGiverin        3                                   
Extras        (4 b, 6 lb, 1 w)     11 
Total(all out, 56 overs)         112  
Fall of wickets: 
1-17, 2-17, 3-32, 4-37, 5-71, 6-72, 7-76, 8-88, 9-95, 10-112 (56 ov) 
Canada bowling  
Laing 27     12     37     8 
McGiverin  23     6       50     1       
Lyon3       1       3       1 
Goldingham         3      1       11     0  
1896:  Australian XI vs Philadelphia   
The Australian XI of 1896 visited Philadelphia and played three matches winning the first two but losing the last one by an innings and 60 runs.   In the third match, it was, once again, JB King that stood out with his stellar performance.   Together with PH Clark, King managed to annihilate Australians for 120 in the first innings (the two bowlers helped themselves to 5 wickets each).   That set the stage for the batsmen to show that they could hold their own. With captain and opener GS Patterson showing the way with 37 and his opening partner AM Wood holding on for 50.  WW Noble (43) and HC Coates (35) chipped in with useful knocks.   HI Brown was not out for 48.   With useful contributions from so many batsmen, the score reached 282 giving Philadelphia a lead of 160 runs -  a place from which it would be difficult to lose the match.   The Australians, against the wall, could hope for a draw at best.  
But Philadelphians just tightened the noose a bit with each successive over.   JB King sliced up the top order claiming Darling and Hill.  PW Clark then destroyed the opponents with 6 for 24 in just 12 overs (5 balls each).  Australians folded for 101 giving Gentlemen of Philadelphia an innings and 60 run victory.
In between, the Australians also played a tour match against New Jersey- a match in which E Jones of Australia was simply unplayable with a bowling analysis of 8.2-4-6-8.  Five of the batsmen that fell to Jones scored a duck!
Following the defeat at the hands of Philadelphia, Australians proceeded to Chicago XV where they defeated their hosts.   The last match of the tour was against a California XVIII which was drawn.
Match 1: Australian XI versus Gentlemen of Philadelphia, Germantown Cricket Club Ground, Manheim, Philadelphia on 18th, 19th, 21st September 1896 (3-day match)  
Result: Australians won by 123 runs  
Australians first innings   

FA Iredale  b Brown     25                                 
J Darling    b Baily        2                                   
G Giffen     c Patterson b Baily       62                                
C Hillb Brown     42                                 
SE Gregory         c Muir b Baily      7                                  
H Graham  c and b Brown     0                                   
*GHS Trottc King b Brown    16                                 
+JJ Kelly    b Baily        4                                   
CJ Eady     b Brown     2                                   
H Trumble  c Biddle b Baily    12                                 
E Jones     not out        11                                 
Extras        (4 b, 4 lb, 1 nb)    9 
Total(all out, 93 overs)         192  
Fall of wickets: 
1-11, 2-14, 3-131, 4-142, 5-142, 6-144, 7-151, 8-154, 9-179, 10-192 (93 ov)  
Gentlemen of Philadelphia   
Baily  27     11     61     5       
Patterson   27     13     35     0       
Brown        25    6       45     5       
King  8       1       16     0       
Muir  3       0       13     0       
Clark3       0       13     0         
Gentlemen of Philadelphia first innings   

JW Muir     b Giffen      5                                   
L Biddle      lbw b Trumble     6                                   
JB King      c and b Giffen     4                                   
*GS Patterson     b Trumble  3                                   
WW Noble  b Giffen      15                                 
FH Bohlen  b Trumble  4                                   
EW Clark   not out        38                                 
+FW Ralston       b Giffen      7                                   
EM Cregarb Trumble  8                                   
HI Brown    run out       22                                 
HP Baily     b Giffen      5                                   
Extras        (5 b, 1 w)   6 
Total(all out, 43.1 overs)      123  
Fall of wickets: 
1-6, 2-15, 3-16, 4-31, 5-34, 6-40, 7-55, 8-70, 9-109, 10-123 (43.1 ov) 
Australians bowling   
Trumble     22     6       50     4       
Giffen         21.1  2       67     5         
Australians second innings   

FA Iredale  c King b Clark     23                                
J Darling    b Clark       69                                 
H Graham  b Clark       5                                   
C Hillc Biddle b King    8                                   
SE Gregory         run out       0                                   
G Giffen     c and b Baily       42                                 
*GHS Trottb Clark       0                                   
E Jones     b King         1                                   
H Trumble  c Ralston b Brown        15                                
CJ Eady     c Brown b Baily   1                                   
+JJ Kelly    not out        3                                   
Extras        (9 b, 2 nb, 2 w)    13 
Total(all out, 70.2 overs)      180  
Fall of wickets: 
1-78, 2-90, 3-109, 4-114, 5-115, 6-117, 7-118, 8-149, 9-157, 10-180 (70.2 ov)  
Gentlemen of Philadelphia bowling   
Baily  12.2  5       22     2       
Patterson   10     2       28     0       
Brown        8      2       16     1       
King  20     5       44     2       
Muir  2       0       17     0       
Clark18     3       40     4         
Gentlemen of Philadelphia second innings   

*GS Patterson     b Trott        15                                 
WW Noble  c Hill b Trott         31                                 
FH Bohlen  c Gregory b Trott         3                                   
L Biddle      b Trott        0                                   
EW Clark   not out        35                                 
JW Muir     b Giffen      5                                   
HI Brown    st Kelly b Trott     5                                   
+FW Ralston       st Kelly b Trott     6                                   
JB King      c Trott b Giffen    0                                   
EM Cregarc and b Trumble  11                                
HP Baily     c Gregory b Trumble   8                                   
Extras        (5 b, 2 lb)   7 
Total(all out, 57.3 overs)      126  
Fall of wickets: 
1-43, 2-50, 3-50, 4-51, 5-61, 6-66, 7-72, 8-73, 9-111, 10-126 (57.3 ov) 
Australians bowling   
Trumble     10.3  2       24     2       
Giffen         25    5       56     2       
Trott  22     7       39     6         
Australia XII vs New Jersey XII, Bergen Point on 23rd, 24th September 1896 (2-day match)  
Result        Australians won by an innings and 99 runs 
 Australians first innings   
H Trumble  c Hurditch b Tyers       54                                
SE Gregory         lbw b Tyers         25                                
H Donnan  c Tyers b Cobb   6                                   
TR McKibbin       b Cobb       21                                 
+AE Johnsb Cobb       4                                   
*GHS Trottc Byers b Kelly    55                                 
J Darling    b Calder     48                                 
H Graham  c Tyers b Calder0                                  
E Jones     run out       0                                   
C Hillb Kelly        13                                 
CJ Eady     not out        1                                   
FA Iredale  b Kelly        0                                   
Extras        (25 b, 1 lb)26 
Total(all out, 66.4 overs)      253  
New Jersey bowling  
Cobb24     4       68     3       
Kelly  17.4  2       57     3
Clarke        2      0       18     0 
Tyers         10    1       31     2       
Adam         4       0       19     0       
Calder        9      1       34     2         
 New Jersey first innings   
H Tyers     b McKibbin10                                
CJ Byers   b McKibbin2                                   
+CP Hurditch      b McKibbin2                                   
MR Cobb   b E Jones  7                                   
FF Kelly     c Trumble b E Jones    0                                  
HC Wright  b E Jones  0                                   
J Adam      b E Jones  0                                   
HC Clarke  b E Jones  2                                   
FC Calder  b E Jones  0                                   
WD Hickie  b E Jones  2                                   
J Forbes    b E Jones  0                                   
A Gunn      not out        2                                   
Extras        (1 b, 1 lb)   2 
Total(all out, 16.2 overs)      28  
 Australians bowling 
E Jones     8.2    4       6       8
McKibbin    8       2       20     3  
 New Jersey second innings (following on)   
H Tyers     b Trumble  8                                   
CJ Byers   b Donnan   15                                 
+CP Hurditch      st AE Johns b Trott      28                                
MR Cobb   b Trumble  9                                   
FF Kelly     c AE Johns b Trott       27                                
HC Wright  b Trumble  0                                   
J Adam      b Trumble  5                                   
HC Clarke  b Gregory  4                                   
FC Calder  hit wkt b Trott      1                                   
WD Hickie  c Trumble b Trott         0                                   
J Forbes    not out        4                                   
A Gunn      b Trott        12                                 
Extras        (12 b, 1 lb)13 
Total(all out, 52.3 overs)      126  
 Australians bowling   
Eady10     4       24     0       
Donnan      10    4       20     1       
Trumble     16     7       14     4       
Trott  16     2       55     5       
Gregory     0.3    0       0       1         
 Match 3: Australians vs Gentlemen of Philadelphia, Belmont Cricket Club Ground, Philadelphia on 25th, 26th, 28th September 1896 (3-day match)   
Result        Australians won by an innings and 71 runs  
 Australians first innings   
FA Iredale  c Baily b King      67                                
J Darling    c Baily b King      77                                 
G Giffen     c and b Clark      96                                 
C Hillb King         11                                 
SE Gregory         c Baily b King      19                                
H Donnan  c Wood b King     7                                   
*GHS Trottc Patterson b Noble     16                                
H Trumble  c Bohlen b Patterson    46                                 
+JJ Kelly    c Coates b Baily  20                                 
E Jones     c King b Patterson        30                                 
TR McKibbin       not out        2                                   
Extras        (25 b, 1 lb, 5 nb)  31 
Total(all out, 93.2 overs)      422  
Fall of wickets: 
1-151, 2-173, 3-194, 4-242, 5-274, 6-314, 7-314, 8-367, 9-408, 10-422 (93.2 ov)  
 Gentlemen of Philadelphia bowling   
King  32     8       90     5       
Noble         4       0       19     1       
Baily  13     3       66     1       
Patterson   15.2  1       71     2       
Clark17     1       78     1         
 Gentlemen of Philadelphia first innings   
*GS Patterson     c and b McKibbin3                                   
WW Noble  b McKibbin0                                   
JA Lester   lbw b Jones         7                                   
EW Clark   c Iredale b Trott  37                                 
HC Coatesb Jones      1                                   
FH Bohlen  c Iredale b Jones         6                                  
AM Wood   c Gregory b Trott         28                                 
HI Brown    st Kelly b McKibbin       30                                 
+FW Ralston       hit wkt b Trott      1                                   
JB King      st Kelly b Trott     1                                   
HP Baily     not out        21                                 
Extras        (1 b, 6 lb, 2 w)     9 
Total(all out, 65.3 overs)      144  
Fall of wickets: 
1-3, 2-4, 3-20, 4-22, 5-33, 6-83, 7-98, 8-102, 9-104, 10-144 (65.3 ov) 
 Australians bowling   
Jones         15    4       31     3 
McKibbin    18.3  6       34     3       
Giffen         18    5       39     0       
Trott  14     4       31     4         
 Gentlemen of Philadelphia second innings (following on)   
*GS Patterson     b McKibbin6                                   
WW Noble  b Jones      0                                   
JA Lester   c Kelly b McKibbin        21                                 
EW Clark   c Gregory b McKibbin  14                                 
AM Wood   b McKibbin58                                 
HC Coatesc Kelly b Trott      49                                 
FH Bohlen  c Donnan b Jones        27                                 
HI Brown    st Kelly b McKibbin       7                                   
HP Baily     lbw b Jones         2                                   
+FW Ralston       b Hill  10                                 
JB King      not out        1                                   
Extras                 12 
Total(all out, 79 overs)         207  
Fall of wickets: 
1-0, 2-15, 3-42, 4-43, 5-116, 6-183, 7-183, 8-186, 9-198, 10-207 (79 ov)  
 Australians bowling   
Jones         22    8       38     3       
McKibbin    20     3       60     5       
Giffen         10    2       36     0       
Trott  11     3       24     1       
Trumble     13     4       30     0       
Hill     2       1       7       1       
Gregory     1       1       0       0         
 Match 4: Australians vs Gentlemen of Philadelphia, Merion Cricket Club Ground, Haverford on 2nd, 3rd, 5th October 1896 (3-day match)   
Result        Gentlemen of Philadelphia won by an innings and 60 runs  

 Australians first innings   
FA Iredale  b King         17                                 
J Darling    c Coates b PH Clark    11                                
G Giffen     c sub b PH Clark19                                 
C Hillb PH Clark0                                   
SE Gregory         c Coates b King  23                                
H Donnan  st HH Brown b King      19                                 
H Trumble  not out        6                                   
*GHS Trottc Patterson b King        3                                  
+JJ Kelly    c Wood b PH Clark      1                                   
E Jones     st HH Brown b PH Clark       2                                   
TR McKibbin       b King         2                                   
Extras        (15 b, 3 lb)18 
Total(all out, 45 overs)         121  
Fall of wickets: 
1-27, 2-36, 3-41, 4-70, 5-102, 6-105, 7-109, 8-110, 9-112, 10-121 (45 ov)  
 Gentlemen of Philadelphia bowling   
Patterson   4       1       11     0       
King  22     5       43     5       
PH Clark    19     3       49     5         
Gentlemen of Philadelphia first innings  
*GS Patterson     b Trumble  37                                 
AM Wood   b Giffen      50                                 
JA Lester   b Jones      11                                 
WW Noble  b Jones      43                                 
HC Coatesc Hill b Jones      35                                 
EW Clark   c Kelly b McKibbin        2                                   
HI Brown    not out        48                                 
HP Baily     b Jones      0                                   
JB King      b Jones      0                                   
PH Clark    b Giffen      32                                 
+HH Brown         b Giffen      9                                   
Extras        (5 b, 10 lb)15 
Total(all out, 122 overs)       282  
Fall of wickets: 
1-91, 2-91, 3-120, 4-157, 5-162, 6-206, 7-212, 8-260, 9-282, 10-282 (122 ov)  
 Australians bowling   
Jones         49    18     82     5       
McKibbin    23     8       44     1       
Trumble     18     5       60     1       
Giffen         24    7       61     3       
Trott  8       1       20     0         
 Australians second innings   
FA Iredale  c Wood b PH Clark      4                                  
J Darling    c Wood b King     8                                   
G Giffen     c Noble b EW Clark      47                                 
C Hillb King         4                                   
SE Gregory         c Wood b EW Clark      7                                  
H Donnan  not out        13                                 
H Trumble  c Wood b EW Clark      0                                  
*GHS Trottb EW Clark0                                   
+JJ Kelly    c HI Brown b EW Clark         0                                   
E Jones     c Noble b EW Clark      6                                   
TR McKibbin       c Wood b King     0                                   
Extras                 12 
Total(all out, 43 overs)         101  
Fall of wickets: 
1-7, 2-21, 3-45, 4-60, 5-94, 6-94, 7-94, 8-99, 9-100, 10-101 (43 ov) 
 Gentlemen of Philadelphia bowling   
King  22     5       47     3       
PH Clark    9       2       18     1       
EW Clark   12     3       24     6         
Match 5: Australia XI versus Chicago XV, Chicago on 8th, 9th October 1896 (2-day match)  
Result        Australians won by an innings and 37 runs  
 Chicago first innings       
WR Gilchrist        c Trumble b Trott         12                                 
ER Wilmot  b Trott        7                                   
W Balster   b Trott        4                                   
JG Daviesb Trumble  34                                 
O Tolley     b Giffen      0                                   
J Cummings        b Giffen      2                                   
W Howell    b Giffen      1                                   
J Bradley   c Gregory b Giffen       7                                  
HP Waller   b Giffen      0                                   
RA Edwards        b Giffen      0                                   
AC Anson  b Trumble  5                                   
F Pfeiffer    b Trumble  6                                   
A Henderson       b Trumble  4                                   
+C Lennonc Kelly b Giffen    5                                   
RW Frazernot out        7                                   
Extras                 11 
Total(all out, 64 overs)         105  
 Australians bowling   
Giffen         32    12     52     7       
Trott  21     8       25     3       
Trumble     11     1       17     4         
Australians first innings   
FA Iredale  c Lennon b Henderson3                                   
J Darling    b Wilmot     50                                 
H Donnan  c Davies b Wilmot        1                                  
H Trumble  c Balster b Wilmot        11                                 
+JJ Kelly    c Anson b Wilmot         9                                   
SE Gregory         c and b Henderson      4                                   
G Giffen     not out        69                                 
*GHS Trottc Pfeiffer b Wilmot        36                                
CJ Eady     c Lennon b Henderson9                                  
H Graham  b Howell     27                                 
TR McKibbin       b Howell     9                                   
Extras                 7 
Total(all out, 107.3 overs)    235  
  Chicago bowling            
Henderson37     11     53     3       
Wilmot        35    11     87     5       
Davies       13    3       31     0       
Tolley         6      2       13     0       
Cummings6       3       15     0       
Howell        4.3    0       13     2       
Waller         6      0       16     0         
Chicago second innings   
WR Gilchrist        b McKibbin0                                  
ER Wilmot  c Giffen b McKibbin      3                                  
W Balster   b Eady       4                                   
JG Daviesb McKibbin9                                   
O Tolley     b McKibbin0                                   
J Cummings        b McKibbin27                                 
W Howell    b Trumble  11                                 
J Bradley   b Eady       5                                   
HP Waller   b Eady       8                                   
RA Edwards        c Graham b McKibbin  1                                   
AC Anson  not out        0                                   
F Pfeiffer    b McKibbin0                                   
A Henderson       st Kelly b McKibbin       2                                  
+C Lennonb McKibbin0                                   
RW Frazerc Gregory b Eady        3                                   
Extras                 20 
Total(all out, 44 overs)         93  
 Australians bowling   
Trumble     3       1       4       1       
McKibbin    23     13     29     9       
Eady18     6       40     4         
Match 6: Australia XI versus California XVIII, Presidio Athletic Ground, San Francisco on 14th, 15th October 1896 (2-day match)   
Australians first innings   
H Donnan  b Robertson        2                                  
J Darling    lbw b Robertson  57                                
G Giffen     lbw b Robertson  43                                
C Hillb Cookson5                                   
SE Gregory         b Robertson        3                                   
*GHS Trottc Hogue b Robertson   11                                
H Graham  b Cookson30                                 
CJ Eady     not out        19                                 
E Jones     st Meyers b Robertson         3                                  
TR McKibbin       run out       12                                 
+AE Johnsc Hood b Robertson     1                                  
Extras        (3 b, 1 lb, 3 w)     7 
Total(all out, 70.3 overs)      193  
California bowling   
Robertson  26.3  5       71     7       
Cookson    23     3       57     2       
Sloman       5      0       23     0       
Ward10     3       24     0       
Dickenson6       0       11     0         
California first innings   
EG Slomanb Eady       2                                  
T Bowhill    b Jones      1                                   
JJ Moriartyb Jones      0                                   
E Hood       run out       5                                   
RB Hogue  b Eady       7                                   
C Simmonds       c Eady b McKibbin       2                                  
+J Meyersb Eady       2                                   
HA Butt      b McKibbin2                                   
HV Keelingc McKibbin b Eady       9                                  
F Sewell     b Eady       0                                   
HD Bowleyb Eady       3                                   
*WR Robertson   b McKibbin4                                   
A Dickenson       b Eady       0                                   
CE Gardner        b McKibbin0                                   
H Ward      b McKibbin0                                   
C Townsley         not out        3                                   
HH Cookson       b McKibbin0                                   
ET Randallb Eady       2                                   
Extras        (1 b)  1
Total(all out, 39 overs)         43  
 Australians bowling   
Jones         8      5       8       2       
McKibbin    15     5       20     6       
Eady16     9       14     8         
 California second innings (following on)   
T Bowhill    b Jones      9                                   
RB Hogue  c Eady b Trott     8                                   
JJ Moriartyb Jones      2                                   
E Hood       b Donnan   3                                   
C Simmonds       b Donnan   3                                   
HV Keelingc McKibbin b Donnan   16                                
+J Meyersb Jones      0                                   
HA Butt      st Johns b Jones         5                                  
HD Bowleyb Donnan   1                                   
F Sewell     b Jones      1                                   
EG Slomanb Donnan   0                                   
H Ward      b Jones      0                                   
C Townsley         b Jones      0                                   
A Dickenson       b Donnan   0                                   
HH Cookson       st Johns b Donnan       0                                  
ET Randallb Jones      7                                   
CE Gardner        not out        6                                   
*WR Robertson   not out        1                                   
Extras        (5 b, 2 lb, 1 w)     8 
Total(16 wickets, 39 overs)70  
 Australians bowling   
Trott  4       2       14     1       
Donnan      20    7       24     6 
Jones         15    5       24     9  

April 13, 1897 - Cricket team for England   
The makeup of the cricket team for England this summer was fixed at a meeting of Associated Cricket Clubs.   Eleven members were chosen - GS Patterson, PH Clark, FW Ralston, FH Bohlen of Germantown Cricket Club.  C Coates, Jr., JB King, AM Wood of Belmont Cricket Club; HP Bailey of Merion Cricket Club; JA Lester of Haverford College Cricket Club; L Biddle of Philadelphia Cricket Club and FH Bates of Tioga Cricket Club.   In addition, three players were added to the list to replace three others who expressed inability to go due to business engagements.  The three new players were EN Creger, Walter Scott of Belmont and HC Thayer of Merion. 
The visiting Americans beat Sussex and Warwickshire and drew with Somerset, Yorkshire, Notts and Oxford.  It was on the 1897 USA tour of England that Ranji got a glimpse of failure at the hands of an underdog. Playing for Sussex at Brighton, Ranji was out for a first ball duck triggering a batting collapse for Sussex. Sussex was all out for 46 in response to Philadelphia's first innings total of 216. Philadelphia's star bowler JB King (7 for 14) surprised everyone with his superlative spell. In the second innings, Ranji scored a respectable 74 but his side was bowled out for 252. Philly needing just 83 runs to win did so easily with 8 wickets to spare.
GS Patterson's 37.12 average in twenty six innings put him right amongst the top of the batting averages.   This tour also unearthed the talent of Bart King who had a spectacular series against the county opponents.    His 'angler' which was an in swinger which changed direction sharply as it approached the batsman troubled his opponents no end.   Sussex suffered the most and rewarded him with seven wickets for 13.
Aided by this in swinging hellbender, Bart King became so successful that until 1912, he was among the most feared bowlers in the world. In 1908, he actually was at the top of the bowling averages for fist-class cricket with an impressive tally of 338.3 overs, 103 maidens, 958 runs and 87 wickets for an average of 11.03.  King also famously got a batsman out with just one fielder on the field.  This fielder was placed some 20 yards behind the wicket towards the leg.  He then knocked the leg stump.
1899:  This was the year that CC Morris arrives on the international scene.  The lists of past Haverford teams grace the walls of the present Lester Pavilion on the Cope field.  Prominent among them is C. Christopher Morris - the inheritor of Lester's legacy.  Morris, in whose name Haverford created a beautiful library for American cricket, was an exceptionally talented Philadelphia cricket player.
He played cricket for various teams including the Friends' Select School, Haverford College, Merion Cricket Club, Pilgrims, Gentlemen of Philadelphia and the United States.   He went to England several times and also toured Canada, Bermuda and various cities of the United States outside of Philadelphia. 
In England, he represented Haverford College, Merion Cricket Club, Pilgrims and the Gentlemen of Philadelphia.   Many years later, Morris represented English Clubs in matches in England including the Incogniti in 1925.   In one first class match against Nottingham, Morris scored 164. 
In addition to his considerable batting talents, Morris was a good fielder, a reasonably successful bowler, emerging from Merion Juniors organization, at the Merion Cricket Club.  He also played for the Friends Select School, one of several schools that played cricket at the time.  In 1898 he scored 30 for Friends' Select School against Haverford III and 41 against Philadelphia Juniors. His performance earned him a promotion to Merion Second Eleven.
In 1889, he scored his first century (102) against Drexel Institute for the Second XI and his total of runs for the year was 1141.  That brought him to the international stage.  His first appearance in International cricket, playing for the Philadelphia Colts against Ranjitsinhji's XI, was ho-hum. He toured England with the Haverford College XI in 1900, and he captained the Haverford team on its English trip four years later. 
Thereafter he was a member of every All-Philadelphia team in America and abroad.   During an active playing career of over 30 years, he traveled more widely and made more devoted friends among world cricketers than probably any other American. 
1899: KS Ranjitsinhji's tour of USA

Ranji, as Maharaja Kumar Shri Ranjit Sinhji is known, became the first overseas Indian to play on a touring side in America.   He led a team of English players on a tour of North America in September and October of 1899, playing a game in New York and two games against the Philadelphians. At this time, the Philadelphian Gentlemen were able to put a team on the field that was competitive against most world sides.  
Tour report here.
And that brings us to 1900.  USA defeated Canada by two wickets in that year's game.

Canada in United States of America 1900
Venue        Germantown Cricket Club Ground, Manheim, Philadelphia on 21st, 22nd September 1900 (3-day match)
Balls per over      6
TossToss not known
Result        United States of America won by 2 wickets
Close of play day 1      United States of America (1) 119 all out

Canada first innings     RunsBalls  Mins  4s     6s
HS Logan   c Scattergood b Clark  15                                
CC van Straubenzee   c Greene b King  0                                  
*JL Counsell        b King         4                                  
A Gillespie  b Clark       8                                  
HC Hill        b Clark       5                                  
JW Ledgerb Clark       7                                  
JH Forrester       c Greene b Clark         4                                  
HF Lownsborough       not out        17                                
FS Chambers     c Henry b Clark  16                                
FW Baldwin         b Patton     7                                  
WW Wrightb Patton     1                                  
Extras        (16 b, 6 lb, 1 nb, 1 w)   24
Total(all out, 44.3 overs)      108
Fall of wickets:
1-1, 2-7, 3-18, 4-24, 5-36, 6-42, 7-50, 8-78, 9-104, 10-108 (44.3 ov)

United States of America bowling   Overs        MdnsRunsWktsWides       No-Balls
King  17     6       32     2       -        1
Clark22     6       41     6       1       -
Greene      3       0       7       0       -        -
Patton        2.3    0       4       2       -        -

United States of America first innings      RunsBalls  Mins  4s     6s

JB King      c van Straubenzee b Chambers    11                                
CC Morris  c Baldwin b Chambers37                                
AM Wood   b Hill  4                                  
WE Goodman     c Forrester b Hill0                                  
HC Thayernot out        33                                
*JH Masonb Hill  0                                  
JN Henry   c Chambers b Hill         11                                
RH Patton  c Counsell b Hill  11                                
PH Clark    c Lownsborough b Gillespie  1                                  
+JH Scattergoodc Baldwin b Hill    4                                  
FA Greenec Chambers b Hill         2                                  
Extras        (1 b, 3 lb, 1 nb)    5
Total(all out, 38.4 overs)      119
Fall of wickets:
1-25, 2-50, 3-50, 4-53, 5-57, 6-80, 7-100, 8-105, 9-113, 10-119 (38.4 ov)

Canada bowling  Overs        MdnsRunsWktsWides         No-Balls
Hill     19.4  2       58     7       -        -
Chambers  14     3       42     2       -        1
Gillespie     5       1       14     1       -        -

Canada second innings         RunsBalls  Mins  4s     6s
HF Lownsborough       b Clark       9                                  
A Gillespie  b King         0                                  
HS Logan   run out       8                                  
JW Ledgerb King         1                                  
HC Hill        c Patton b Clark  16                                
*JL Counsell        c and b Patton     30                                
FS Chambers     run out       2                                  
CC van Straubenzee   c King b Clark     12                                
JH Forrester       not out        21                                
FW Baldwin         b King         0                                  
WW Wrightb King         1                                  
Extras        (10 b, 10 lb)         20
Total(all out, 36.1 overs)      120
Fall of wickets:
1-1, 2-11, 3-12, 4-35, 5-50, 6-57, 7-76, 8-107, 9-108, 10-120 (36.1 ov)

United States of America bowling   Overs        MdnsRunsWktsWides       No-Balls
King  13.1  2       31     4       -        -
Clark13     1       34     3       -        -
Greene      5       0       16     0       -        -
Patton        5      0       19     1       -        -

United States of America second innings         RunsBalls  Mins  4s     6s
*JH Masonrun out       10                                
WE Goodman     b Chambers        0                                  
JB King      c and b Chambers       19                                
AM Wood   c and b Chambers       7                                  
HC Thayerc Forrester b Hill2                                  
CC Morris  c Logan b Hill      32                                
PH Clark    c Hill b Counsell  18                                
JN Henry   c van Straubenzee b Forrester      14                                
RH Patton  b Chambers        1                                  
+JH Scattergoodnot out        9                                  
FA Greenec van Straubenzee b Forrester      0                                  
Extras        (8 b, 3 lb, 1 nb)    12
Total(all out, 35.5 overs)      124
Fall of wickets:
1-2, 2-24, 3-31, 4-38, 5-38, 6-82, 7-94, 8-96, 9-120, 10-124 (35.5 ov)

Canada bowling  Overs        MdnsRunsWktsWides         No-Balls
Hill     13     1       29     2       -        -
Chambers  17     1       62     4       -        1
Counsell     5       0       20     1       -        -
Forrester   0.5    0       1       2       -        -
--> United States of America batted on after winning
--> The match was scheduled for three days but completed in two.
Both the American Cricketer and the original scorebook show that United States of America won by 15 runs.

Picture and archive credits: Not a word on USA cricket can be written without acknowledging Tom Melville, P David Sentance, Amar Singh and Deb Das. We are grateful to them for their  books and fine articles which provide in-depth and insightful commentary. What we have done here is merely constructed a timeline. Also fascinating are the rich histories available via UPenn and Haverford + Bryn Mawr Archives. As the 1890s unfolded, we also began noticing cricket books and magazines at the Library of Congress, especially the American Cricket Annuals.  Canadian cricket pictures were obtained from the provincial government archives.

Most of all, we relied on NY Times archives as well as our own collection of books and magazines that we were fortunate to obtain when the KA Auty Library was auctioned off by the Ridley College in Ontario. The Pullman cricket team picture appears courtesy of Pullman Museum (alas, what once was a cricket ground is now a dog racing track!)

We depended on New England colleges for history of college cricket, especially Yale, Dartmouth, and Harvard archives. Of course, Wikipedia is among the most extensive sources these days. Pictures are presumed to be out of copyright owing to their antiquity. Copyright for this compilation contained here belongs to dreamcricket.com and reprinting is permitted with proper acknowledgement and link back.

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